Things That Sound Perverted In Games But Arent, funnyness :D

**Ok Silent Hill: **

2 of silent hill games has kind of … perverted stuff and 1 of them is really pervy by all means… ><;

Ok lets start with the lesser one… Silent Hill 3, the game over scene , when you die you see different game over scenes. OK heres this scene: our heroine of SH3 heather dies and lies on the ground dead , valtiel comes and opens her legs in a VERY suggestive manner then the screen goes black. Heres another game over scene in the hospital: as usual she gets beat by baddies and drops dead, this time… a doctor zombie pulls her to a room… to do some surgeries or operations on her of course. Although the hospital in silent hill 3 has nurses … not doctors. Ok lets forget this… and start with the other one… Silent hill 2… you play James Sunderland. You go into the apartments. you dont mind your own business. you find a monster doing ‘stuff’, it’s only 2-3 seconds.

Heres a Resident Evil Parody (1.77Mb). Some Smart Alec thought it would be cool to record the voices from Resident Evil game and make a pervy sound file from them.


Also rofl… found some of the video footage which possibly references the sounds used in the Resident Evil Parody sound file… Go to THIS web page and scroll down to:

Remake: Wesker and Jill
Cut Scene from the remake where Wesker plants an air of suspicion about Barry in Jill’s mind


Aiding Richard Aiken
Cut Scene from the Remake showing Rebecca assisting an injured Richard


Almost a Jill Sandwich
Scen in the remake where Barry saves Jill from certain flatness

Sounds funnier after watching those clips.


Speaking of Video Game Parodies (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS):

Metal Gear Solid Parody from megalo (4Mb).

ROFL… Shenmue Parody, you’ll have to play it to understand what he means (4.65Mb).

nutz… Ninja Gaiden Parody Ahhh Rachel! (4.89Mb).

OT but funny… Britney Parody (1.79Mb).

The links will be broken soon cos of server issues so get them while you can.

Shadow is going to love this. I don’t think I’d have the audacity to ask complete strangers the questions Ryo asks people in Shenmue in that monotonous tone of his.

As for Silent Hill 3, Valtiel drags Heather off whenever she dies in an attempt to revive the demonic god she’s carrying. Valtial stalks Heather all throughout the game (you won’t notice him half the time) to ensure its safety (I believe). Ever wondered why a radio falls from the ceiling of the elevator in the mall?

Glad to know someone downloaded it… rofl did you listen to the Resident Evil and looked at the video clips I refered to? That Shenmue one is ace, only because i’ve played it before though, most other people won’t get that bit where you press the button at the end parody.

As for Silent Hill Ahhh… need to pay more attention in that game… haven’t got round to playing it properly. I’m looking forward to SH4 on the xbox.

The Metal Gear Solid parody is hilarious (maybe I’ll try sneaking around a grossery store in a black outfit one of these days). The Resident Evil parody which takes spoken dialogue out of context and rearranges it reminds of a Starcraft parody I heard a long time ago.

hahahahahahahahah i am laughing so much hahahahahahhaah

hahahaahahahahaha man this is funny. The resident evil thing that is hahaha and “rebecca!!!”

hahahahah thanks

Damn… didn’t notice in time that someone mentioned Silent Hill in a disrespectful manner. :wink:

The Shenmue parady really cracks me up.