They gotta be kidding

South Park Joke
On disk #2 of Panzer Dragoon Saga, go to the city of Zoah and then to Jubus’s bar. From there go upstairs and check one of the tables. When you do, it will say “They killed Kenny” which is from the show South Park.

I saw this written on the IGN site. is it true? Zoah is blown up in my game.

It’s true.

Programmers jokes… shakes head in dismay

Yeah, and even worse: We never got South Park here, I had no PC back then to know of the show due to online references and such, so I had spent days trying to find more clues about this Kenny and his murderers…

Bah!I’m probaly the only guy in the world who HATES southpark!!Needless to say I didn’t like such a reerence…

Curiousity : the first time I played I thought it was something written by somesort of guy who used to drink there.I understood it was a joke but didn’t knwo why…

…until I saw Southpark and PUKED!

was south park even around then?

Yeah, South Park was around back then.

I agree with you Gehn, South Park was so stupid and immature.

South Park is good sometimes, depending on the plots. The really stupid ones like there’s a big freakin’ satellite dish coming out of Cartman’s rear end and he goes “Guys, I know you’re joking about the satellite, and it isn’t funny” are really annoying, but some are good.

Yeah right…

And why all the vulgar words?Is that suppost to MEAN something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not a fan of South Park either…which made that part of Saga my least favourite part of the game.
My mate tried to drag me along to the movie. Luckily, I resisted!

The movie was actually funny in places. I thought the dying giraffe sound was hilarious XD