The XLAG (Xbox Live Addiction Group)

I thought XLAG was a suitable shorthand :anjou_happy:

Anyway, hello everyone! I’m Urban Reflex!

Hello Urban Reflex!

I’m addicted to Halo 2 on Live, but also have both Ghost Recon and GR: Island Thunder!


You can see my Halo 2 record here. Swoon now plz.

swoons You are teh awesome!

I know, I know.

Can I be the protester outside who bangs on the door, calling you sorry excuses for humanity? :smiley:

You play via XBC and you are on Bungie’s stats?

Ha! That’s nothing compared to the antics of Divine Heresy!

I got Xbox Live earlier today. I thought that was obvious. >>;


I got Xbox Live earlier today. I thought that was obvious. >>;[/quote]


i’m getting Live soon for Halo 2 and DOAU, but i’m in no rush atm.

So Gehn, whatever did happen to you getting live? We talked in another thread about credit cards and such, but for the life of me I can’t recall what thread that was.

I talked with my mom about getttnig one and she didn’t objected.I know what that means if I don’t take action : I could be waiting for days.

Whatever it takes to get a CC I’ll probably sort it out today since my aim is getting Live before the holidays (as in no school) start.

I already have two trials ready to be used…

Good man. I look forward to virtually sodomising you.

He’ll probably enjoy it, even though it’s virtual.


Yo’ pimp won’t save you now.

We could even have a TWOTA tournament at this rate xD

You know if I can use a debitcar instead of a credit card?

It’s obvious I can’t get a CC since I don’t have a job.You need “money credibility” in order to have one.

If it’s a Visa debit card, it should work.

Like Visa Electron?

Exactly. That’s what I use.

And that’s what I’m getting it seems.It’s been an unusually agitated last-week-of-school.But I hope I get it before Saturday so I can play in Xmas.