The Witcher 2

Well, I don’t know if anyone here is into CRPGs, nobody cared about the Avadon: The Black Fortress thread, but this one has fancy graphics and action based combat rather than turn based so it will probably interest more. Anyway:

It’s coming out next week. I’m pretty excited, the first one was flawed but pretty damn good and this seems to at least attempt to fix pretty much everything that needed it. I guess the sales of the first allowed for greater production values and more polishing.

Anyway, just browse the official website, it has all the information you need and loads of footage. I only wrote much in the Avadon thread because even the official website has barely any information and it’s a title that didn’t attract attention, unlike this one.

Oh yeah, they also released these trailers today but they aren’t the best introduction or anything (well the last one is pretty good) each focuses on certain aspects while videos you can find on the website show more gameplay, locations, combat, quests, etc.

World of Witcher 2 Trailer
Hope Trailer
Love & Blood Trailer
How to Kill a Witcher Trailer
Fear & Disdain Trailer

I was actually curious about the first game, just never got a chance to play it [Mac]. I know Atolm played it. Looks pretty neat, though. Thanks for posting, Al3x.

I’m picking this epic up tomorrow! I’m hyped for it and ready to delve into Geralts next adventure! And it’s great this time that they included 360 controller support. :anjou_happy:

The console version is looking quite good: … on-console