"The Will of the Ancients"

If the is one image, one thing, that reminds you of the actual will of the Ancients (The will, not the site), what is it?

I’d say Shellcoof actually… I know this might be weird since we didn’t even know about TWOTA in Zwei but I think the way it destroyed Lundi’s village is very representative(sp) of the power the Ancients still had over the world and mankind itself.
I might change mind later btw, this is just a quick thought :slight_smile: I haven’t considered this before.

The towers.
It’s just the way they cause so much fear in the people, and the power that they contain…

Nice topic Shadow.

For me its… I immediately think of the scene where Edge is talking with Heresy Program and also the scene were the Tower of Uru transforms itself to grant Edge a passage to Sestren.

The white sphere which formed the Divine Visitor: a consciousness of a god-like being which used the body of an already dead human, who was simply kept alive, to exercise his “divine” will on the world.

I say the Tower of Uru as well. Or that one piece of concept art that shows the all the ruins of Uru at nighttime.

The bioweapon monsters keeping humans on the bottom level of the food chain comes to mind. That was especially poignant to me when Azel and Edge met within Uru.

The dragon crests. Their fossil-like appearance just reminds me of how the will is so ancient.

The dragons themselves. The ancients created them to be the most powerful biomonsters ever and they were the incarnation of the TWOTA.

(At least they were until Lagi, a Dragon, started blowing up ancient’s toys…)