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As I was saying before in the PDAnime thread, there was a time when I was very interested in collecting a great deal of Panzer Dragoon collectibles off of Japanese auctions. I just thought of something else that I have in my collection that you all might not have seen before. I checked the music section before posting to see if you all had it listed under there, but I didn’t see it.

I have a sheet music book for the the first two Panzer Dragoon soundtracks, titled simply “Panzer Dragoon Original Soundtrack” by DOREMI.

Front Cover

The book is about 175 pages or so and contains sheet music for the following songs:

Table of Contents

*EDIT: For some reason on my end the BBCode doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve checked and double-checked it and still can’t figure out what is incorrect about it. I’ve used BB Code many times before, but this time it doesn’t seem to be working. Sorry for the inconvenience, you may have to copy and paste the URL in your browser if it isn’t showing up correctly.

If you all are interested, perhaps I can see about scanning it sometime and sending it along to who ever is in the position of adding it to the site. Though it might be awhile before I could get to a task like that as it is 175 pages to scan which is fairly daunting to think about. If I could send them to someone who wouldn’t mind the tedious job of rotating, cropping and sizing the images then I could could simply send them to whoever is interested in scanned format or upload a rar of the files one chunk at a time. Though right now I doubt I’d have the time to sit and edit each one since I’ve got a fair bit of college projects that take up my time these days. Just let me know if you all are interested in this or if you already have it. I think it’s a pretty rare book though, I’ve only seen it one time on Japanese auction.

Also, I noticed you all had a link to Super Green X’s PDO remix, “More than a Weapon”. I’ve been listening to SGX for awhile and on his SGX Mega Torrent he has some older stuff, including a mix of “Flight”. It’s alright, but it’s probably worth mentioning.


Interesting, I’ve not come across a copy of that sheet music book before. For the record, I’m the person responsible (or to blame) for the site’s product-related pages: I put all that information together two years ago when I was more active on the site, and unfortunately I haven’t improved those pages since, though I think they need some attention (a lot of the descriptions are far too brief, for example). I talked to Solo not too long ago about doing some updates for the soundtracks section, so that (at least) will be getting improved relatively soon.

I actually listed this sheet music book on the books page, though I should have mentioned it on the soundtracks page. As you can tell from the description I wrote, I assumed it was just the score to the first game; interesting that Zwei’s is in there too.

Regarding scans: anything at all that you’d be prepared to do would be appreciated. Even just a high-quality scan of the front cover would be appreciated (even just permission to use that scan you posted would be appreciated; you get the idea). If you want to donate any images, you can send them to the email address in my forum profile, or if you have webspace you can upload them and send me the links, whatever’s easiest for you. Unedited, original scans are absolutely fine; whatever quantity and size of files you want to send are fine. (This goes for anyone else who’d like to donate images, too).

Currently the site’s books page only carries scans of the books’ front covers, however that’s because I did all the scans for the products section myself around the same time, and didn’t want to get carried away before I’d even got that section launched. If you want to supply several scans for the same book, that would be great, though I’ll be honest and say that I wouldn’t scan 175 pages myself unless it was something that several people had told me they really wanted to see.

To put things in perspective, the items that are listed on the site’s product pages and which have accompanying scans are things I own/have owned and have scanned and described myself; anything that doesn’t have a scan is something that I don’t have/haven’t had, and so the descriptions for those items are often not as good. Any images or better information on these things would be much appreciated if you (or anyone else) has them, or if you have anything that’s not listed there at all.

Also, if the annotations on the second scan you posted are your own, I can answer the thing you were unsure about: AFAIK “Sadness of Gosto Ueponzu” is meant to be “Sadness of Ghost Weapons”. I think this is given in English on the back of the Panzer Dragoon Power Remix album, but the only good scan I’ve seen of that was at Chudah’s Corner, which currently seems to be offline.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the problem you were having with BBCode is that it doesn’t accept spaces in URLs; “Panzer Dragoon Original Soundtrack Front Cover.jpg” would need to be “Panzer%20Dragoon%20Original%20Soundtrack%20Front%20Cover.jpg”.

Yeah, sorry about that… it is still there in my list of things to work on, so I’ll have to get on with that layout fix sometime soon.

Such a project would definitely be worthwhile, but if you don’t have the time then don’t feel pressured to go to the effort on scanning the whole book. Perhaps you could pick out one of two pieces of music for a start, and send them on through?

Content for the site can be submitted to

I might have given the wrong impression there, but I didn’t mean that I’m waiting on you to sort that out: I haven’t finished up the new/improved content I was doing for the section yet, so you’re not slowing anything down.

You didn’t come across like you were in a rush to get the improved section up and running, but I like the keep on top of these sort of things nonetheless. I find it very easy to forget about things/become distracted. :slight_smile:

Ah cool, I’ll have to check out your scans section for the Panzer Dragoon products section sometime. I might be able to offer some scans of other materials I was hunting down at the time. I think I have that PD Power Remix album, or was it called D-Mix something to that effect. I’ll have to see if I can find “the stash”, since I kept it all together in one place.

As for the sheet music, I can try scanning that in a little at a time and email it to the address you specified. It might be awhile though. Thanks for clearing up the romaji as well. My Japanese isn’t all that great, especially if I don’t know what the title is trying to refer to. lol


here is a low-res shot of the PD Orta Xbox system btw:

i would love that sheet music book =O

and i love that orta xbox… i really wanted one when i was younger but my parents wouldn’t buy me one.
now i’m older if i see one i’ll probably but it just for collectable sake