The way to Play Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Since its Christmas and Panzer Dragoon Zwei contains one of the best ‘Snow’ levels in any game I decided to buy a 2nd Mission stick to play the game in true style. I think Zwei is the only game that supports such a set up too LOL


Does it let you independently control the dragon from the crosshair or something? I can’t really tell that from this gameplay video. If so, it seems like something that would technically break the game’s difficulty as it would play more like Sin & Punishment 2 (great rail shooter btw), without the frantic pace and difficulty. Looks like a rad setup though, does it work as a Twin Stick for games like Virtual On and Gungriffon II?

The gameplay video isn’t using the Twin sticks and an old video of that Ep. Using the Twin Mission sticks just means you have complete analogue control for both the aiming and the Dragon movement. To be honest, I rather use the pad, but it’s nice to have the setup

Okay so it does give independent control of the crosshair and the dragon where with the other methods the dragon just follows the crosshair? Doesn’t seem like the game would be balanced for it. Still neat though.

No, I think it was just some uber myth spread on SEGA retro and the like

So, what does the second stick do that one stick can’t do? Swirl the camera instead of the L/R buttons?

It does basically nothing. I’m doing to try it on Need for speed to see if the 2nd stick can be used for the acceleration and brake pedals

Ah well. Still a rad looking controller. Proto-Steel Battalion cockpit. Shame it can’t work as a Twin Stick too.