The Unfinished Swan

Has anyone else played through The Unfinished Swan? It came out a few years ago, but I only just completed it today. I really enjoyed the game. The story is told like a children’s book, but contains deeper themes relating to the creative process. It’s an exploration based game (no combat and minimal puzzles), featuring a variety of gameplay styles, focusing around revealing and creating your way through the levels.

I’ll link the trailer here (which doesn’t show all of the gameplay styles):

Bumping this because the game was recently released on PC:

The Unfinished Swan is quite a unique game, one that I recommend. For those who game on PlayStation, I played through it on the PS3, but it is one of the few games that are backward compatible on the PS4 via the same digital purchase.

I played it back in 2012 I think. On my PS3 at the time. It was I nice little adventure game!

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