The ultimate panzer dragoon experience

ok, i had this idea like a trillion years ago, but the stupid cavemen called me a fool and opted to bang some rocks together rather than actually consider my idea. i think you’re all at least a little smarter than cavemen, so maybe you’ll get my idea (or maybe you’ll call me a fool and my goal of being called a fool in every era will be complete). keep in mind this would probably have to be an arcade PD game or eveyone would be buying expensive and spacious peripherals…

1 new panzer dragoon game (is this the official boxart for japan or something?)

1 new gaming system for which the new PD was made

1 light gun (type may vary: duck hunt, lethal enforcers, i prefer the menacer)

4 wide screen televisions

1 Buckin’ Bronco mechanical rodeo bull

you may have already caught on to what i’m getting at or you may be calling the police; in either case, i will continue. actually, it’s pretty simple… put the 4 TVs around you in a square, plug the gun into the system, climb on the bull, and whoop some ancient booty. holding down the trigger does lock-ons.

Nice idea, but it’s so 80s. We need a Panzer Dragoon VIRTUAL REALITY experience (body suit and all) - the advantage to this would be you would be able to experience everything in a full 360 degree view (180 degrees at any given time with periphial vision).

It would be so cool.

I had an idea a few months back where there was an arcade cabinet a la “Kid Chameleon”, where you entered from the top. All around you was a 360 degree TV screen, and you wore something over your eye like a scouter from DBZ. Sitting down upon your steed (controlled by your feet…you have nothing else left!) you basically immerse yourself in the game.

VR has kinda died recently, hasn’t it?


That would be awesome!

Interesting… to say the least. o.0

Megatherium’s idea gets my vote. If that’s all in the package for the system it’d be a nightmare to get home from the game shop, though; but probably worth the helicopter rental. Shouldn’t the fifth ingredient be “1 Buckin’ Lagi mechanical rodeo dragon” though? To stay authentic, I mean (and not hairy). :slight_smile:

Hey, I have that gun!

Menacer I love you!

That’s a very cool sounding idea.

It would be neat to have in the arcades, although a bit (okay a lot) expensive for the home market.

I love the Buckin’ Bronco. :smiley: If they had a Panzer game like that in the arcade I’d have to try it!

SEGA (AV) Did at 1 stage think about bringing Panzer Dragoon to the arcades. but made Planet Harriers instead.

Anway the best Panzer Dragoon experience is playing Panzer Dragoon at full blast on my Hi-Fi, with a packet of red hot monster munch and having a nice cool drink of beer in my official Panzer Dragoon Zwei mug :).

BTW That is not the offical box of ORTA in Japan

Megathedium knows that :slight_smile:

Anyways , yeah it be cool, espcially if the “bull” was Darky!! :smiley: