The "they killed Kenny"-mystery

Yeah, you know, it says “They Killed Kenny” on one of the tables at the bar in Zoah.

Obvious reference to South Park, and probably the work of the American translator, I get that much.

But do we (you) know anything more? Do anyone know who the translator is? Or maybe how you get in touch with him/her? I intend to get to bottom of this;)

All help is appreciated!

It’s nothing more than a small easter egg or joke that they hid in the game.

We aren’t stalkers, and we don’t intend to help other stalkers. Why do you wish to get in touch with him/her?

Haha, stalker! That’s new.

I’m a just humble gamesjournalist constantly looking for something new and strange to write about, nothing more;)

I want to ask this person about why he put it in the game and I assumed that if anyone knew who he/she is - it would be you guys.

But apparently, thats not the case. Sorry for bothering you.

Eh I doubt any magazine (or website) would care to publish a story about the uncovering of the reason behind the who killed kenny reference in an ancient Sega Saturn game… Find something more meaningful and interesting to write about. There’s way too many things going on in the industry, in fact too many for any website or magazine to cover, so might as well make the space count.

Trust me… there’s no real mystery behind it.

Yes, the funny thing is that when I first encountered that quote I had no idea Southpark even existed… I spent quite some time trying to find out more about this poor kenny someone must have murdered… Sigh.

Actually, Kenny is just a guy who was killed in a caravan. I think he was a friend of the guy at the table or counter (I forget which) who is crying to himself with his head on the table.

I wonder what the gag in the Japanese version was though.

I’ve been thinking that too.

they probably didn’t even have a gag in the Japanese version. Maybe a description of the table, if anything.

I really should play through my Jp version someday…



or whatever.

[quote=“Johan Martinsson”]Haha, stalker! That’s new.

I’m a just humble gamesjournalist constantly looking for something new and strange to write about, nothing more;)

Why didn’t you just say this in the first place?

You my friend are a disgrace?Specially if you can read hiragana or katakana or whatever…:stuck_out_tongue:

I only got my Japanese copy a few weeks ago! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to play through all 3 Shining Force 3 scenarios anyway, but I’ve been distracted by the pretty lights of Okami, Radiant Silvergun and Dracula X praises and curses credit cards

Sorry for digging this old thread up. :wink:

If I remember correctly the descriptions of objects in the game environment were beefed up in the translation. So when you play the original version you might just get [A TABLE] or something like this.

Actually I just purchased all 3 saturn games in japanese last week, in two or three weeks they should arrive so I can check it =)

I’ll try to get the saturn trilogy signed by TA like my orta disc and then hang them on the wall like platinum LPs =P