The technology behind PD and PD Zwei

DigitalFoundry has just released a nice video detailing a bit of history concerning PD and PD Zwei. But mainly, discusses the technology involved between the many different versions of Panzer Dragoon. It appears layers of background rendering called VDP1 and VDP2 were used. With VDP1 displaying a highly detailed expanding plane, while all other rendered, graphical, objects were displayed using VDP2 rendering.

It’s very interesting to find out what the differences were between the Saturn, PC, and PlayStation 2 versions, as well as some slight changes that were made to the version of PD we got in Orta. As in certain cases, entire textures were altered!


Nice discussion of the technical aspects of the first two Panzer games. I’m looking forward to Saga and Orta being covered in the future video.

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From what I could understand in the video, it seems like the Saturn version of PD is the superior choice. The other versions/pc versions are missing entire background textures and transparency effects!