The Ship

The latest Source powered game and the first one created by indie developers. And I got to write the first ever review of it a few days ago. I’ve been playing it more and more since. I think I’m getting hooked, it’s a really charming little game. The experience can depend on the attitude of the other players but with upcoming patches some of the problems idiots cause should be toned down a lot. Anyway, give this a look if you are looking for something different to play.

So, nobody here cares about indie games? :anjou_sigh:

I’m going to be trying some of these mods that you’ve been posting next time I install Half-Life 2. :anjou_happy:

…It’s not a mod :anjou_sigh:

LOL!That’s what you get for using :anjou_sigh: all the time…

Seriously tho, this game doesn’t look that interesting but I make check it out when it’s patched up.

It reminded me of SOS for the Snes.
It’s not that I’m not interested, but the only games I ever use my PC for a World of Warcraft and Alpha Centauri. The last computer I really used to game on was an Amiga 1200! :anjou_love: