The remains of the online Sega community

Back in the Dreamcast days, there used to be Sega sites left right and centre. Indeed, there wasn’t a better time for the online Sega community. These days, Sega websites are scarce, but here and there we can still find archives, websites and online communities that exist to help people remember the golden age of Sega gaming.

I’d like to use this topic to collaborate on a list of these resources, so that we can help each other find other sites about classic Sega titles.

Here’s what I have so far:

Shining Force Central -
The biggest Shining Force website. Not updated very often these days, perhaps once or twice a year.

Sega Xtreme -
This used to be an excellent source for Sega related files, now it appears to mainly just be a forum.

Sega Saturn UK -
Lots of information about Saturn games and accessories. Reasonably active forums as well by the looks of things (there was a post yesterday).

Skies of Arcadia World -
Hasn’t been updated since 2004, although the forum is still active. A decent archive of the game.

What other sites are still out there?

Well, there’s obviously this website… and then there’s my own homepage. It’s still full of Sega Saturn era videogame media.

Don’t know how active it is. I remember checking it out ages ago for some Genesis emulator or similar things. Or perhaps not.

Edit: It seems decently active though the main website is currently down I guess.

All the Sega (and anti-Sony) you need :slight_smile:

Al the Shenmue you need! Though obviously, it’s struggling for content.

Still updates regularly, has active forums, and all that goodness.

seeing all these rarely updated sites makes me sad T_T i have to wonder why sega ignored so many great games this long (Ristar T_T, Vectorman, Skies of Arcadia, LANDSTALKER T_T T_T, streets of rage), they must not like making alot of money. would a link to a Turrican site count
best turrican site
this is the only toejam and earl site(hasnt been updated since 2002), you can actually email the creator though(and he even replies^_^)
this place has a CRAZY collection of prototypes for download(many of which are sega)

The site is in a bit of a sorry state at the moment, needs cleaning up and info, although we’ll get there… eventually… I don’t visit this site all that often but it seems like a very good resource for Sega news. probably the TWOTA equivalent for Ecco the dolphin.

It’s a website about the Chao from Sonic Adventure… it’s my website, by the way >_>