The Prestige

Who here has seen this movie?What did you think about it?

I know ill love it (like every other Nolan movie ; I still have to watch Following tho…) but to what extent…

I thought it was a very complex, well thought out movie. It drew me in from start to finish, with a very interesting plot.

Oh, and if you liked the Prestige, the Illusionist was even better!


I can’t even begin to comprehend why people compare the two.Okay so they both feature illusionists as main characters.But the story as nothing in common.

The Prestige is a lot more complex and gratifying (sp?) at least in my opinion.

Well, I like them both. :anjou_happy: And yes I agree, the story of the Prestige is more complex, but the Illusionist has a certain charm to it. They both give off that certain vibe of mysticism.