The plants

Okay, we see plants on numerous occasions, and they seem to resemble ours. Now, assuming that PD takes place on another planet, how’d our plants get there? Did they occur naturally? Because native plants would not resemble ours. Or are the created by the Ancients?

Umm… I would imagine they just wanted the “plants” to look like “plants” to people who played the game so they used the general form they have on Earth… If we start wondering about every little thing then… umm… how come there are humans there?

OMG and how come thie language is a combination of Latin, German, Japanes and other crap!

I actually think it might be earth, several thousand years in the future once the continents have all moved etc.

The original Panzer Dragoon manual states that it is Earth in the distant future…but considering Team Andromeda probably didn’t know where the series was going in 1995, I doubt that’s very accurate.

What we can definitely assess so far is that the Ancients were definitely human, and that the Towers were once used as weapons. Other than that, we know nothing else - which is another reason which makes this series so great.

allright then, it’s a happy pretend land that doesn’t need to be scrutinised.

Let’s try and fit OutRun 2006 into the Panzer Dragoon storyline now, considering Lagi flies over the track in it.

These threads are rediculous, I’m with GearGuy.

You people hyper-ventilate alot…

Panzerense is not influenced in anyway by german.

Chupacabra : like Al3x said you ahve to ask yourself why there are humans in the PanDra world.The world is based on our own world too in many aspects.It’s not 100% original.

i actually like these threads.


Chupacabra (did I ever tell you how wrong your nickname sounds in portuguese?) : like Al3x said you ahve to ask yourself why there are humans in the PanDra world.The world is based on our own world too in many aspects.It’s not 100% original.[/quote]

The Chupacabra is a monster which sucks the blood of goats, apparently.

Yeah I heard of it (altho I think it’s suposed ot be some sort of a legend)

OMG!! Why do they speak English in Star Wars? How come the people in the Lord of the Rings films have regional British accents?

Because they were all transported to a happy pretend land on the wings of an armoured red ferrari.

Legend met Destiny and new accents formed from the leftover languages of the ancients.

They then went on to built the towers, which suspiciously appear in LORT, PD and The Never Ending Story.

I just wish I could a mod sometimes…Grumbler you have already made your point.

because you can’t program real life actors.


because you can’t program real life actors.[/quote]

That’s one of the main reasons why real life actors suck so much cock.

Well in that case I’d actually point out that Tolkien who wrote lotr intended for it to be set in a fantasy britian long long ago. So it sort of makes sense that they had british accents.

I didn’t read the novels in english, do they have british accents in the books? or just in the movies?

I don’t think it really says, but the Shire is based on the Lake District so meh. The point I was trying to make was:

What’s the point in trying to find meaning where there is none.

As far as I recall I don’t think they ever mentioned accents. Mind you I’m bad at remembering little details like that.

No accents were mentioned in the book. And I read it quite recently.