The PC version of PD

I was thinking of getting it, does it have any major flaws/advantages compared to the console version?

the cutscenes are recompressed horribly, but apart from that its pretty much the same. it even has the same graphic glitches as the saturn version.

oh ok, if the gameplay is the same then its ok then =)

The episode 4 boss’s arms don’t turn red when you shoot them for some reason. I could never figure that out.

You kidding me right?.

The PC version isn?t patch on the Saturn version. They are graphics , and sound effect that are missing.

The Texture mapping isn?t half as good. The sound is worse. And it doesn?t control as well either.

The Saturn version destroys it . I was shocked how bad it really was, when playin the X- Box version

Is the PC version of Panzer Dragoon the same version that appears in Panzer Dragoon Orta, then? I remember reading that at some point, but I’ve never played the PC version myself . . .

Yes it’s the PC version. Ported by the same Smilebit memember that did the original PC port for the old SEGA PC division

The PC version is pretty much the same as Saturn version as far as I can see. The pictures in the screenshots section of this site are from the PC version, so that should give you a fair idea of what the game looks like.

Can you use a game controller with the PC version? I’ve never tried.

most controllers come with software nowadays to asign keyboard keys to the buttons, so its no problem. I have a PC to PS2/DC/GC controller adaptor =D

This is sort of a small point, but I noticed that some of PD1’s cheats and extra features functioned a little differently on the Xbox version of the game, and the alternative weapons cheat didn’t seem to have any effect. I didn’t notice any actual gameplay differences between that version and the Saturn version, though.

Also, I’m pretty sure that a demo of the PC game was put up on during the run-up to Panzer Dragoon Orta. If you do a Google search, you might be able to find it mirrored somewhere.

hmmm would you reccomend me to play PD and PDZ on PC (emulator) first time?

Or should I play it on saturn first… I would play PC if it is known to run ok

[quote=“Scott”]hmmm would you reccomend me to play PD and PDZ on PC (emulator) first time?

Or should I play it on saturn first… I would play PC if it is known to run ok[/quote]

On the Saturn, no doubt about it.

I guess you could play the original Panzer Dragoon on the PC using the proper PC version, provided you have a controller. I’d avoid the emulator though, it’s just too buggy/too many graphical glitches to play the game properly (the first time around, anyway).

Ideally, a darkened room, a decent stereo, and large television would provide the best Panzer Dragoon Zwei experience.

Thats the thing… on my PC I have great surround sound, controller, etc… But the TV in my room is small =(
looks for a new TV

I bought PD on PC =)
Now to find it on saturn…

I tried playing the Xbox version of PD, but gave up after about 30 seconds. It was atrocious.

really? how comes?