The Panzer Dragoon world in 500 years time

Whilst the Panzer Dragoon series takes place over a period of under 80 years, we do see some significant changes in throughout the world. Besides the Great Fall creating radical changes to the Panzer Dragoon world, we also see nations such as Meccania fall, with even the Old Empire almost collapsing under the weight of its own ambitious goals.

The question is, how much do you think the world would have changed 500 years after the conclusion of PDO? Will the Empire still be the dominant power of the continent? Would their technology have become so advanced that another Ancient Age would have been born? Or will humans still struggle to survive, still fighting each other over power and ancient technology rather than working together?

Will their still be monsters and dragons? What has become of the remaining drones? Would the environment have healed even more now that it is no longer under the Towers’ influence? Could the Empire have started to become like the Ancients themselves, creating more and more biotechnology to do their bidding? Discuss.

If nothing really changed after Orta (meaning the Empire was still alive;meaning there were no active Tower) and no one like Abadd stepped in to try to I guess the PD world would eventually heal itself significantly albeit not totally.

Every big empire is prone to catastrophy tho (as we all know) so the fate of the Empire would depend on how much popular the new Emperor’s turned out to be.Rebellion comes from opression in one way or another.

All this assuming there were no outside influences.But we can’t assure those with hidden networks or wandering/sleeping drones out there.

I think the PD world has enough ingredients in it for another Great Fall.

Methinks that the Empire would fall sooner or later. Empires have a tendency to do that after a few centuries.

I think it’s one of the great virtues of Panzer Dragoon’s rich and fertile background that it’s impossible to say. Already we have been treated to much, but there’s still massive scope for the series to expand so who is to tell what might transpire in the future? All of the action of the games has been concentrated on a single part of one continent - what treasures and dangers might lie beyond the oceans? :anjou_happy:

However, I think that the Empire is a lot more resilient and stout than you give her credit for. The only major defeats the Empire has suffered is when she’s been foolish enough to get in the way of Lagi, and we shouldn’t take our experience of periphery demands for independence in the games as representative of the Empire as a whole - indeed, Orta’s encyclopaedia suggests that the Empire is extremely popular amongst the commonders of the core, with figures like the Seventh Emperor being the subject of pseudo-divine worship and veneration. I’d be willing to wager that the lineage of the Emperors will continue for a long time yet.

PD in 500 years time?

Six continents, each with a different coloured moon, and lots of battleships.

Wait, that sounds familiar.

While the Empire would probably continue to expand in some form or another under human rule, I fear that their interest in biotechnology may be their undoing. As we saw from the ending of Orta, the dragonmares turned on the Empire. If that happened on a larger scale when the Empire had acquired even more biotechnology I wonder if another Ancient Age would take place?

And commanding one of those battleships will be a man with hair of the purest white who can walk through walls of fire unscathed.