The Panzer Dragoon OVA

I recently gave in to curiosity and bought the (allegedly terrible) Panzer Dragoon OVA video, and after watching it I’d say that it really was pretty abysmal. I was wondering who else has seen it though, and what your thoughts on it are? I’m guessing that no one thought it was really good, but how would you improve it if you had the chance, and what (if anything) did you think was redeemable about the film in its current form?

And in general, what would a “good” Panzer Dragoon OVA need to be like in your opinion?

I’m planning to buy it as soon as I get a CC (maybe this month).Yes, everyone says it’s terrible but it’s PD and Darky is in it…

Way to bring up painful memories! :anjou_angry:

I remember seeing an ad for it an a gaming magazine, probably Electronic Gaming Monthly, and immediatly getting hyped up about it. I bought it shortly afterwards and was sorely dissapointed. :anjou_sad:

I still think you could edit the footage into something that is interesting. I have purchased the japanese version, and it is more interesting when you don’t know what they are saying, and you try to fill in the blanks.

I want to kill whoever wrote the English script. :anjou_angry:

At least it wasn’t made as bad as the Dragonball cartoons.

“You ****ing bastard! I’ll murder you for what you did to my friends!”


“Man, he’s good. I’d better be careful with this one.”


haha yeah DB was so dumbed down.

Do you think i should bother with getting the PD movie?

[quote=“Arcie”]At least it wasn’t made as bad as the Dragonball cartoons.

“You ****ing bastard! I’ll murder you for what you did to my friends!”


“Man, he’s good. I’d better be careful with this one.”


Yeah, but you can go out and buy the Dragonball DVDs uncut with Japanese audio. The only one that’s not avalable uncut is the first 13 episodes of Dragonball AFAIK.

I thought there wasn’t enough music in this Panzer Dragoon OVA so I edited Panzer Dragoon Saga music into the OVA using Pinacle Studio 8 and burned it on to DVD. Now there is more music in my version and it feels more Panzer like.

I’d make one OVA actually USING the “game’s history” in a somewhat dark mood.

Heck, the series deserves way more than a shitty OVA. They could have done an entire season of episodes to help promote the game and the console, not a shitty OVA. They blew it when they had the chance to do the right thing at the right time. Now we will never more see a PD anime… :anjou_sigh:

Thank God for that.

Anime-ing PD would not be a good idea.You say PD deserves a good anime;I say PD deserves better than an anime. (and 'm not hinting at a ovie, or anything actually…)

Of course, of course. A story as good as that deserves greatness. But an animation would be more feasible than a movie or something else. But it’s all only a dream now.

If I ever become a multi-billionaire, I’m totally gonna fund a feature-length Panzer Dragoon movie. It’ll be awesome. And since I’ll be funding the whole thing straight out of my pocket, I’ll be able to ensure that it doesn’t suck.

Get David Lynch to direct. He’ll weird it up properly.

… and he does a very good impression of a slightly peeved tyrannosaurus. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can pick it up cheap, I’d say it’s worth it just for the cringeworthy novelty value. That’s why I picked it up anyway, and having no positive expectations I wasn’t disappointed.

Maybe I’m being overly critical, but despite the bad English script I didn’t think that the visuals fitted in with the PD world either; the character designs, ancient ruins and landscapes all looked so generic to me, rather than looking like anime adaptations of the PD world and its inhabitants.

It’s a pity that the game’s creators couldn’t have been more involved with the project. As far as I know Yoshitaka Azuma did the music for it - remixes of his PD1 tracks, which actually sounded quite good - and that was about it. Team Andromeda were credited with “general editing” on the film, so I can only imagine how bad it would have been if they hadn’t…