The Panzer Dragoon new content ideas thread

I just wanted to create this thread, to get some feedback from all of you. I was just wondering what you all think would make some great new Panzer Dragoon content for future updates to TWOTA or my site. I would also like to thank everyone including Lance Way who pointed out the many flaws on my PDS site which I carelessly overlooked. And I just want to also apologize for acting like an ass. Everyone learns from their mistakes and I have become a better web designer from that.

So far I have created a Panzer Dragoon Zwei Winged Death 100% Shoot Down Ratio Guide, which I have submitted to Solo for the next update. I hope this guide will help everyone who is having trouble achieving 100% in each episode.

So besides that, what would be some new and interesting Panzer Dragoon Content which someone could create that no one has ever seen before?

Although I’m pretty preoccupied with stuff at the moment, I’ve thought about maybe doing a PD products and merchandise section for TWotA at some point in the future - sort of like this page on Panzer Dragoon Academy, but hopefully with better quality images, more details, more stuff and (more importantly) in English. I haven’t talked about this with Solo yet, but I own quite a bit of PD stuff myself, so I wouldn’t have much trouble getting most of the scans and info together. Anyone interested?

(Oh, and if anyone was wondering, the projects I’m in the middle of doing for TWotA are a revamping of the Game Info section and an updating of the “secrets” pages for the various games; pages detailing PDZ’s hidden features, a routes guide, a dragon evolution guide and so on are about half done, and I’ll hopefully be doing similar pages for PDO at some stage. I’m also co-working on the PDO story synopsis for Panzer Dragoon Legacy with D-Unit too, so those things definitely are going to get done in the future. :anjou_happy: )

Well I’m creating a PD site of my own so I won’t spill the beans.I’ve thought of some sections people will hopefully like.I’m learning some CSS and Flash in order to do the site too.

Lance do you have a Panzer Dragoon Wall Scroll by chance? What other items do you have?

Unless “wall scroll” is an executive term for “poster”, I’m afraid not. :slight_smile: What is this item, exactly? Any images…?

Here’s a list of roughly what I’ve got (I might be leaving a couple of things out):


Most versions of the games except the NTSC versions of PD1 and PDO, and Panzer Dragoon Mini (which I flat-out refuse to buy off ebay, as it sells for almost the same insane price as Panzer Dragoon Saga for some reason). Amongst that I do own the “Panzer Dragoon I & II” box set and the limited edition version of Panzer Dragoon Orta, though (the one with the “Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik” soundtrack CD).

Demo discs:

Panzer Dragoon demo disc (PAL, made in USA)
Panzer Dragoon Saga demo disc (PAL, made in EU)
Panzer Dragoon non-public demo disc (NTSC-J, lucky find; it’s apparently a pre-beta press release demo.)

Soundtrack CDs (these seem to be the trickiest things to pick up in general):

Panzer Dragoon Original Full Sound Version
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Original Soundtrack
Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG mini soundtrack w/ NTSC-J demo disc
Panzer Dragoon Orta Original Soundtrack (US version)

Player’s guides and other books:

Panzer Dragoon Official Guide Book
Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG unofficial guide (by V-Jump)
Panzer Dragoon Orta Complete Guide
Panzer Dragoon Orta novel
Panzer Dragoon OVA companion book


Panzer Dragoon OVA (PAL version)
Panzer Dragoon Orta coldcast statue
Panzer Dragoon Orta poster (I think there’s only one kind)
Panzer Dragoon Orta E3 pin-badge
Panzer Dragoon Orta E3 (TGS?) hologram card

Well about the wall scroll. My friend said he saw one on ebay a long time ago. And it went well over 100 bucks. But there is no proof as I did not see it with my own eyes.

Hmm, I’m not sure what that might be; unless it’s one of the less-obvious-what-it-is items on that Panzer Dragoon Academy page, of course (and there are a couple of items without images there, too). Unfortunately, most PD items that are labelled “rare” on ebay do end up selling for loads; I’d own a fair bit more stuff than I do now if I was willing to pay crazy prices for stuff.

Yeah I would like to own PD mini but it goes for like 200 bucks. :anjou_disappointment:

Yeah, sorry about not having that added yet, and the article that Lance sent to be added for the next update some time ago as well. I’ve recently been having a few ‘problems’ with my modem (read: it fell out of a two storey window onto hard concrete), so I haven’t been able to do much with the site until I either get a new modem or get a local web server up and running on my PC. Murphy, of course, decided to make the last option less easy than it should have been as well…

So, that explains my absence here for the last week, and that’s partially why I haven’t updated it the site yet, although I should really admit that the addictiveness of Halo 2 is another reason. But don’t worry, the update is coming.

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. :anjou_happy:

Excellent. How far through developing the site do you think you are?

I’m dependent on my new PC.I hope I’ll still have the new computer this month.I know exatcly what I wanna put on my site but technically I’ve been just training my css coding and waiting for my new machine to arrive in order to install some software in order to use it effeciently (my current PC is next to blowing up :P).

I know the feeling; my computer, which I actually ‘built’ from most of its individual (and not all that fantastic) parts, can only really run newer games satisfactorily with the graphics options at the lowest quality.

Anyhow, this seems like a good topic! I sadly don’t have many suggestions at the moment, but those which have already been mentioned here seem very interesting. My website is coming along really slowly - if I ever think up enough (Panzer Dragoon related or otherwise) content, it will go online, at least once I have the layout ‘locked down’.

Good luck with your own sites, guides and so forth, everyone!

I can’t wait till you finish it. Take your time and put your heart into it!! I just want to know what you have in store for us. :anjou_happy:

it wasn’t the one i mentioned aaages ago when i made my… um… panzer site was it?
“don’t use xxxx as a theme because i have a plan for it” ?

I don’t even remember what you are talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

But the site might not be centered around one theme like I had pictured.Eitehr way I have the sections all planned out.

Sad I’m having problems with getting my new PC.My dad just told me the interest in the deal I was planning is too big …I’m gonna have a hard time finding the exact configuration I want.Since my site is depending on it…

And of course, two pillarstones of this community have already written amazingly detailed PDS guides.

Let’s not go into the ONE typo that exists in mine.


I can’t wait till you finish it. Take your time and put your heart into it!! I just want to know what you have in store for us. :anjou_happy:[/quote]

Thanks a lot! Hopefully I will be able to do enough research get enough stuff ready, on whatever topics I choose, to produce quite a good site. :anjou_happy:

I do need to look into getting some better hosting though; I really think I should maybe get a paid plan, just for the better features offered by such hosting.

[quote=“Arcie”]And of course, two pillarstones of this community have already written amazingly detailed PDS guides.
Let’s not go into the ONE typo that exists in mine.[/quote]

cough two

Just to let everyone know, I’m in the process of writing up a Panzer Dragoon Culture section. It will focus on the various roles, beliefs, behaviors, and customs of the Hunters, Citizens of Zoah, Seekers, and the Empire. It will also include various cultural items, symbols, clothing and foods found in PDS. I’m going to take my time with it exploring the various scripts which Lance Way has provided and I’m going to thoroughly explore PDS, as I take many screen shots for this new section I will be creating.

It’s certainly a nice idea, though bear in mind that this sort of thing does already exist in TWotA’s “factions” section:

… which of course covers the Seekers, the Empire, Hunters, Wormriders, Drones and so on in considerable depth; I think Solo mentioned that he’d be adding a “people of Zoah” or “people of the Frontier” page at some point in the future too, and also that an “Ancients” page is in the works. If you’re determined to make your own guide to the cultures of the Panzer Dragoon world, I’d recommend making it as different as possible from TWotA’s to keep it interesting for readers - my personal suggestion would be that you write your text without looking at any existing descriptions, (both official summaries and ones written by other fans,) as that’s what I do myself when I want to be sure of tackling an old subject in a unique way. Also, the hi-res screenshots that you can get from GiriGiri look really nice for illustrating large projects, if your PC’s up to running the program.

Yeah I will be sure to make it my own work. I also will avoid reading Solo’s sections because once I do, it will probably intertwine with my own ideas and subject matter and might become too similar. I will stick to what i’m doing and show you all once i’m finished. :anjou_happy: