The Panzer Dragoon Dictionary (My Theory)

The Panzer Dragoon Dictionary

The Ancients - Were humans who possessed an incredible amount of scientific knowledge. At some point, however, they became extremely arrogant of their abilities and proclaimed themselves as gods. Some factions within the Ancients did not agree with this self-proclaimed godhood title and rebelled. These two factions would later go to war with each other, and this war would lead to the Fall of the Ancient Age.

The Towers - These monolith structures were created slightly before the War of the Ancient Age. Their original purpose was to control the ecosystem of the planet to help create the perfect being - once the perfect being was created, the towers would revive the world to its former self before the Ancients tampered with it. However, during the War of the Ancient Age, the Towers were used for something far more sinister than what was originally intended - since the war was basically at a stalemate, the Ancients decided to use the Towers as a weapon to help annihilate the rebel faction. In doing so, however, the Ancients realized, too late, that they had made a major mistake. The activation of all the Towers on the planet, simultaneously, led to a meltdown that made the majority of the planet uninhabitable by humans - the damage done was so immense, that it could not be undone by the Towers, themselves. The remaining Ancients observed that their other ‘creations’ were unaffected by what had taken place and were slowly changing the environment they inhabited. They came to the conclusion that the creatures that they had created out of arrogance would eventually heal the planet and restore it to its former self after several thousands of years. Wanting to see the fruits of their efforts, the remaining Ancients went into stasis and remain there to this day, waiting to be awoken.

Sestren - A massive, planetary multi-dimensional computer created solely for the purpose of observation and record keeping. During the War of the Ancient Age, however, Sestren’s role was changed from being an observer, to being both an observer and a coordinator. Sestren was given control of the Towers, to control the environment and to ensure, at whatever cost, the creation of the perfect being. That role would later change, as well - Sestren would be the catalyst which, initially, gives the command to the Towers to activate simultaneously, and inadvertantly ends the war with a single stroke.

Drones - Originally, these beings were created as slaves. ‘Tools’ might be an even better word. These beings had the ability to interface with Ancient technology - of course, not a single drone could interface with more than one Ancient technology – that would be too dangerous – instead, each individual drone was given a task to perform based on which technology they could interface with. Some drones could interface with mainframes and weaponry, others could interface with biological creatures…while the truly advanced drones – the important ones – could interface with forbidden Ancient technology, such as the Towers, the Cradle, and even the stasis chambers of the Ancients. No one truly knows what the drones are, biologically, but if Azel is any indication of what they are, they would be 3/4ths human | 1/4th dragon.

The Heresy Program - This program was created out of desperation by the rebel faction during the War of the Ancient Age, once they had learned that the Ancients they were fighting with had given Sestren control of the Towers. The scientists among the rebels knew that Sestren was never designed for such a task and that the outcome, if left unchecked, would lead to disaster. Therefore, the scientists created the Heresy Program which was designed solely for the purpose of infiltrating Sestren, removing whatever program the other Ancients had installed, and permanently cutting off Sestren’s control of the Towers.

The Heresy Dragon(s) - These creatures were designed by the rebel faction during the War of the Ancient Age for the sole purpose of being ‘carriers’ of the Heresy Program and going against the Towers – they were designed not to destroy the Towers, but to infiltrate them to gain access to Sestren. There were other ways to access Sestren, but the only way to remove Sestren’s control from the Towers, was to access Sestren from within the Towers, themselves. Unfortunately, the first generation of Heresy Dragons were destroyed by the Tower’s defense mechanisms, and Sestren was not stopped in time. The rebels, knowing that they were now doomed to die, made sure that more Heresy Dragon’s could be created in the generations to come by creating a mutant gene within a somewhat insignificant creature called a Coolia - the reason why the Coolia was chosen as a perfect candidate for the next generation of Heresy Dragons was due to the fact that Coolia’s could adapt to all environments, no matter how harsh – which was perfect, considering the state their world was now in. Within the mutant gene implanted within the Coolias was the Heresy Program itself - unfortunately, less than 1% of all Coolia’s would ever become Heresy Dragons.

Azel - A near-perfect drone, created by the rebel faction, who had the ability to ‘open the doorway’ to Sestren. Her original purpose was to help the Heresy Dragon(s) infiltrate the Tower(s) and open the way to Sestren so that the Heresey Program could be injected within the system. Without her, the Heresy Dragon(s) and the Heresy Program were meaningless. Before she was completed for the task at hand, she was stolen and hidden by the Ancients.

Orta - A drone/human hybrid created by Azel after her search for Edge turned up nothing. Some think she is the offspring of Edge, while others think she is the offspring of Craymen. Either way, all we know at this point is that Azel created her from the DNA remnants left by the human who had been in Sestren - this could have been either Edge or Craymen, considering Craymen knew what Azel’s purpose was when he first ‘kidnapped’ her, and probably accessed Sestren during that time…only to realize, that to achieve his ambitions, he needed the Heresy Program, which is why Craymen ASKS Edge directly for help in PDS because he knew what the Dragon was…and he also knew that the real Edge was dead. What makes Orta special compared to other drones is the fact that she carries ‘free will’, which is a bi-product of being half human…her other ability is that she can interface with ALL Ancient technology, not just one. This is why Abadd wanted her so badly.

This ‘Dictionary’ is based on pure speculation and should not be considered as fact. This format was used simply to make reading theories more interesting. I will post another followup to this once I get done thinking about all of the facts and can tie things together more efficiently.


Also, I would also like to point at that after the great war of the ancients, the rebel Ancients, fearing that history would repeat itself, decided that it would be best to not pass their knowledge on to the next generation…therefore, the surviving humans basically started out from scratch by CHOICE (they probably did this to try and atone for their sins of the past).

Unfortunately, their choice to ‘forget’ their superior knowledge, only delayed the inevitable - It is safe to say that the current Empire represents what the ‘arrogant, godlike Ancients’ were in the past…and the ‘Seekers’ represent the ‘rebel Ancients’.

Currently this isn’t very well written, but I will post a quite extensive history of the Panzer Dragoon universe in greater detail soon.

Welcome to the forums Kadamose. I must say that’s quite a theory you’ve posted here. Almost all of the theories about PD are speculation, but discussing them can narrow them down to something more accurate, so I’d like to comment on a few things you stated:

There’s probably a connection between the mutant coolia’s and the Heresy program, but I don’t think they’re the same thing. I personally think that the Heresy program only downloaded itself into Lagi, others believe that the Heresy Dragon downloaded itself into multiple coolia’s. Your theory would suggest that the Heresy program never entered Sestren, but we know it originated from there.

I think it was the rebels that stole Azel from the Ancients. Otherwise the Ancients would have simply modified or destroyed her.

You’ve described drones as I would have, but Azel wasn’t created by rebels. Azel was stolen from the ancients by unknown attackers who we presume were rebels based on what Craymen said about Azel being designed to break into the Tower of Uru. Obviously, the ancients would not have designed Azel to break into one of their own installations and proceed to destroy it. The people who recorded the Uru logs refer to themselves as gods when they report their progress on the Light Wing Project; they were the ones who originally created Azel.

Welcome to the forums indeed, Kadamose :slight_smile: Your theory makes very interesting reading, and here are my thoughts on some things:

This theory is good, and I don’t think that the idea of the Coolias being a part of the plan has been raised before. However, it should be pointed out that Coolias almost certainly didn’t exist in the Ancient Age. They are a Mutated Monster, and like all Mutated Monsters they are apparently something that has appeared only in the 10,000 years since the Ancient Age fell. Mutated Monsters arise through evolution - or rather, regressive adaptation - from the original Pure Type Monsters (that is, organic weapons) left behind by the Ancients. Some of those creatures eventually become genetically corrupted, and that leads to the new strains of life which Mutated Monsters represent. The Neo-Stryder was a mutant that originated from interbreeding between corrupted Lazaras and already-mutant Stryders, for example. PDO’s Carrier Seba was a Seba that had started the mutation which would eventually lead to a new type of sub-species. It is doubtful that these mutantions had time to arise before the Ancient Age fell, or that the Ancients would have allowed these weak creatures to live and clutter up the planet if they did start mutating from their weapons of war.

So it is quite certain that Lagi only became a Heresy Dragon because the Heresy Program entered into his body (as it tried to do with those other Coolias beforehand, which unfortunately ended up being executed by the superstitious villagers because of the characteristic Bioluminary Oscillators that the Heresy Program gave them.) But your theory is definitely food for thought.

I think it’s been more or less confirmed that Drones are simply a very highly advanced kind of Pure Type Monster (which is where I can see your “dragon” idea coming from). They were probably given a human shape to symbolise their intellectual superiority, and to make them more comfortable to work with. Azel was only made to externally look like a human, as she states - she wasn’t one internally. Also, Abadd may have walked on two legs, but I’m quite sure that he wasn’t 3/4 human! - in body or in mind.

I fear that you might be guessing a bit too much here; it’s clear that each Drone could do more than one thing. Abadd wanted Orta only because she would enable him to make more Drones; but how he planned to utilise her is the big question. Your guess that she could operate many Ancient technologies could definitely explain this, so good point.

I’m quite sure that Craymen never accessed Sestren, mainly becasue the Tower had not been activated before the end of Disc 3, and it apparently had to be active in order to open the energy gateway. Also, the Heresy Program’s purpose was to destroy the Towers, but that was not Craymen’s ambition, so I don’t think he was seeking it out. Also, I doubt that Craymen knew about Edge’s resurrection (the Divine Visitor), as only the Heresy Program itself seemed to know the truth concerning this.

I’m curious - what is this “perfect being” that you keep alluding to, or where did your inspiration for the idea emerge from? I’d be interested to hear.

As I said before, there were TWO factions among the Ancients. One that desired absolute power (the Empire), and one that desired anarchy and equality (the Seekers). These two factions obviously disagreed on pretty much everything, including how their ‘creations’ should be treated. Both sides, however, did have one thing in common though - they were obsessed with creation and achieving perfection.

This obsession for perfection led to the creation of the dragons - but even then, the Ancients were not satisfied with what they had. They wanted to create perfection in a HUMANOID form - which lead to the mixing of dragon genes with human genes - which lead to the creation of the drones.

The Ancient Empire, wanting complete domination, decided that the drones would neither have free will nor would they ever be able to procreate on their own. They later took it a step further by taking away their humanity, and making them appear more monstrous, instead of divine. They did this out of pure spite, because they did not want a creature - a creature they had created, no less - to surpass them in both beauty and intellect.

The Ancient Seekers, on the other hand, were a little more sympathetic than their counterpart. Instead of enslaving the drones, they treated them as equals - however, the seeker drones still had programs installed to ensure that they could never betray their creators. The seeker drones also kept their human looking form - hence the reason why Azel looks human, and Abadd does not.

The Ancients were obsessed with creating perfection. Unfortunately, in their eyes, they were never truly able to achieve the perfection they sought. The Light Wing Project was actually one of many projects that tried to create the ultimate lifeform. I believe, toward the end, a last ditch effort to create the ultimate lifeform involved giving Sestren control of the Towers, so that it could continue their research while they slept.

Is it just me or does any of this remind you guys of the Matrix Trilogy’s plot a lil bit? Heresy program = the One, seekers (Rebels) = zion, Azel’s practically the frickin’ keymaker… WARNER Bros owes SEGA Bill gates type monies…

Yeah, well, but a lot of movies/games/books do that. I would name a few, but my mind is frozen right now…