The Panzer Dragoon Character Competition, R1P3

Round one continues…

Last week:
Abadd 14 Vaiman 6
Zastava 11 Sky Rider 9

This week:
Lundi vs Craymen
Imperial Emperor VII vs Edge

Next week:
Iva vs Orta
Paet vs Mobo

I was gonna vote for Lundi and Edge but in the end Craymen is way better than Lundi simply because we can see it a lot more in the game(s).

Lundi did become a dipository for the ancients’ knowledge (wow, that sounds familiar), so who knows how shrewd he became.

Actually, I can imagine him being eaten alive in the ruins of Uru by shadowy beasts with razor sharp fangs as he attempted to study drones.

Hard one, but I choose Craymen and the Emperor. Craymen and the megalomaniac Emperor are interesting characters. The Crig Orig flying fortress is one of the best bosses in the PD series and the Emperor created it. Craymen’s desire to change the world using the towers make the entire story of PDS happens.

Although I really didn’t want to make the obvious choice and vote for Edge, I did go for him in the end, and Craymen too. Lundi never seemed to have that much… personality to me, even after reading his diaries in PDS. I expect that’s because we still know so little of him, though. Craymen, on the other hand, seemed like a complex (and very well-thought out) character.

BTW Shadow, good voting choices for next week’s poll. They look like they could be surprisingly close… we’ll get to see how much sympathy Orta really gets from the PD community :slight_smile:

Twas random. The credit goes to Solo for giving me a random set of numbers for the draw ^^