The Panzer Dragoon Character Competition, R1P2

Round one continues…

Last week:
Gash 7 Azel 15
Lagi 17 Kyle 5

This week:
Abadd vs Vaiman
Zastava vs Sky Rider

Next week:
Lundi vs Craymen
Imperial Emperor VII vs Edge

Well, Abadd and the Sky Rider get my vote, mainly because of their interestingly mysterious nature. Zastava and Vaiman may have been crucial elements of the Saga plot, but I thought that as characters they were a bit stereotypical.

Abbad and Zastava
A psycho and an enigma, good combo.

Abadd and Sky Rider

Abadd and Skyrider also - they were the coolest.

How about an Abadd and Vaiman option? :
This is again an incomplete poll :frowning:
Anyway I voted for Abadd and Zastava too…

Edit: No Sky Rider and Zastava option either :

he got you there shadow… not that anyone seems to like vaiman(infact i cant even remember who he was)

Abadd and the Sky Rider.

I think Shadow was trying to have 2 pairs of 2 characters versus one another like in the Rugby World Cup (I don’t actually follow the sport but I seem to recall it works in a similar fashion). Some characters would never get to encounter each other this way.

Abadd and Zastava. Two crazy psycho villains. What’s not to love? ^^

He hasn’t got me at all. Solo is right.

Abadd and Zastava without a doubt.(actually Vaiman is a very cool character…)

Vaiman & Zastava. I love that funny lil dance that Vaiman always does when he gets something he really wants. And Zastava’s psychotic laughter coupled with the Black fleet’s theme tune just completes the atmosphere, especially in the opening sq.

who is vaiman? I thought he was craymans 2nd in command but i dont remember him ever dancing around… who on earth is vaiman???

If my memory is not betraying me Vaiman is Paet’s father. The guy who sends Edge to destroy the imperial base and gets elected as the new Holy Leader in PDS.

Yes, Vaiman was Paet’s ruthless politician father, as SegaTecToy said. He featured in the plot during Disc 3 of Saga. Craymen’s second-in-command was actually called Arwen, and on top of having a rather unfortunate name he didn’t really have much personality. I don’t expect he did dance much, but… who knows? :slight_smile:

Am I really the only one who saw him dance? What about after Edge agreed to destroy the Imperial Air Force base? He went mad then :smiley:

Nevey’s right about the lil ol dancin’ act. :slight_smile:

What?!! He dances?! :open_mouth:

This is reason enough to play PDS for the 14th time!!

Change my vote!!! CHANGE MY VOTE!!!

He does a little twirl thing when Edge agrees to help him. The overjoyed tone in his voice also adds to his insane personality.