The Next James Bond

I think Pierce Brosnan has one final film to do as James Bond, and then the part is up for grabs again. It’s a topic of big discussion: Who would you like to see as the next James Bond?

Personally I’d like to see Christian Bale. He would play the part superbly and he is actually British.

I’d like to see the Bond series end. I just dont think its that good.

I thought Pierce’s stint ended with Die Another Day.

Nope, he’s doing the 21st film for 2005.

James Bond is someone who belongs in the past. :slight_smile:

I agree. The films get dumber and dumber…

No love for the classics, then? o.o I admit I don’t find the films as interesting as other series, but they’re good for action.

Meh see i dont think so - series like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Predator, Aliens, etc (the list could go on) are all way superior action films. Personally i find the “action” in the bond films to be pretty lame.

And ridiculous.

Eh, fair enough.

I was actually referring to the Brosnan films. Goldeneye was pretty cool, but then they started to go downhill…

That doesn’t mean the series should end, let’s just wait for someone to do a good movie again :slight_smile:
My all time fave bond movies are the ones with Sean Connery, he just rocks, I don’t think any other male actor could live up to him in being Bond.

Neither do I. He’s such a great actor.

That I agree with.

You know what, I think that G.Duke or Solo, the greatest actors (possibly the greatest people) ever to walk the earth, should be the next Bond sucks up