The Neo Geo Pocket Color should have lasted longer

I still remember the day I got my Neo Geo Pocket Color. I had gotten SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium and Card Fighter’s Clash (Capcom version) with it. It felt like Christmas came again so quickly. The games were a blast. I wish it had last longer, but people didn’t give it the attention it deserved.

It had a good amount of games, though the best NGPC had to be Match of the Millennium. Its the best portable fighter ever created. The controls were perfect. Every move came out when you wanted it due to the contol stick of the NGPC. Something Nintendo should have copied for GBA and DS. There was tons of fighters and plenty of fighting modes, plenty of moves per fighter, tag team and more.

Then there was the Olympic mini games which were down right fun and challenging. I still laugh at the Metal Slug UFOs because they remind me of a certain female body part. And who didn’t like Felica’s dance rythm game? Fun indeed. The Ghouls 'n Ghost mini game was fun too but hard… stupid demons! As a whole, Match of the Millennium has everything a portable fighter needs. Sadly, I don’t think any other portable fighter will come close to the depth and quality of it.

Anyways, I still have my NGPC and plenty of games. Here is what I own:

System (US Version):
SNK NEO GEO POCKET COLOR Stone Blue $69.99 - 1/3/2000

Games (US Version):
Biomotor Unitron $34.99 - 9/15/2000
Card Fighter?s Clash (Capcom Version) $34.99 - 1/10/2000
Card Fighter?s Clash (SNK Version) $34.99 - 9/18/2000
Dive Alert (Matt?s Version) $34.99 - 9/9/2000
Metal Slug 1st Mission $34.99 - 9/5/2000
Metal Slug 2nd Mission $39.99 - 9/1/2000
Puzzle Link 2 $34.99 - 9/15/2000
Samurai Shodown! 2 $34.99 - 9/12/2000
Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure $34.99 - 9/7/2000
The Match Of The Millennium SNK vs. Capcom $39.99 - 1/10/2000

Games (Japanese Version):
The Last Blade $49.99 - 9/12/2000
Ogre Battle $49.99 - 9/8/2000

Accessories (US Version):
MADNESS GAMEWARE AC Adapter & Rechargeable Battery $29.99 - 9/12/2000

Accessories (Japanese Version):
Dreamcast Link Cable $39.99 - 9/18/2000

Yeah, I still have their reciepts. I keep all of my gaming receipts and I keep a log of all my games on my PC. Call me wierd, but I just do.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this wonderful portable gaming machine? Did you ever get to play with one?