The mysterious Peela in Panzer Dragoon Orta

I was just wondering after viewing all of the mutated monsters in the Panzer Dragoon Orta Encyclopedia, what level in Panzer Dragoon Orta can you fight or even see the Peela? I often wondered about the Tamtiti as well but recently found it in a cut scene flying throughout the skies with the wormriders as they attacked the dragonmares(Ep 9 event 1). So I was wondering if any of you have ever seen the Peela in the game other than the encyclopedia. One more thing. The coolia is also in the Orta encyclopedia. Can the coolia be seen anywhere in any of the levels? Just wondering, anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks

During the level where you chase the giant monster and follow the wormhunters, if you choose to head right in the canyon instead of left, you get a beautiful view of a plateau, and I think those are coolias you get to ravage. Bad dragon.

Some of them are put on the encyclopedia and monsters just to be there.

As far as I remember, the Peela appear in that very same cutscene that the Tamtiti do. I think you just have to look very closely as they blur past. I believe the implication is that they’re being ridden by Wormriders, but if so these riders haven’t been programmed in.

As for the Coolias, you can see some below you in the Seeker city of Episode 1, quite near the start. The things that you shoot in Episode 2 are Baturns, not Coolias; they’re small mammoth-like things with tusks.

Every monster in the Encyclopedia can in fact be seen in the game. Actually, there is at least one enemy in the game that doesn’t appear in the Encyclopedia - the green-coloured Degla Bombers from Episode 6.

Off topic, but I think I saw a Gigra among the enemies in the first Panzer Dragoon.


The desert I think. I looked around for more worms and I’m sure I spotted a big blue torpedo shaped blob that looked strangely like a Gigra. Okay. So technically it’s a Gigralyph. The Gigra is its larger cousin.

Hmm the might be similar, yes…
I’m not sure.I have to replay that level.

Well, this topic got me curious, so I went and did some playing. Firstly, the mysterious Peela are mysterious no longer, as they do indeed appear in the same cut-scene as the Tamtiti - Episode 9 Event 1, I think, by its Pandora’s Box designation.

Also, dragoon lover is correct about Gigralyph-like creatures appearing in PD1. In Episode 2, there are several creatures - right at the level’s start, in fact - which look just like simplified Gigralyph models. They’re obviously much weaker than the Gigralyph you fight in Saga, but they are similarly incapable of defending themselves.

I’d say that the Gigralyph is meant to be a variation on these creatures, in the same way that the later Sand Mites and giant sand worms are variations on other enemies from this episode. (Well spotted, by the way; I certainly never noticed this before.)