The Lord of the Rings video games

Has anyone played any of these games? I was thinking of picking them up, and would like to know a bit more about them.

maybe some spoilers here

from what I’ve heard they sound cool^^ my mates say it’s good, funny at the end of…the two towers…Frodo (well the actor who plays him in the movies) is playing as Aragorn and says that frodo is weak and he only acts as him for the money:P he said he wanted to be aragorn instead swinging his sword around:P

I played the Two Towers beat’em up for the PS2. It was based on the Movie. I really didn’t like it that much, it was well just kinda lame, but i know others really enjoyed it. I’d be interested to see how much better the Return of the King beat’em up is. Its supposed to improve on the two towers game.

You might want to look into Lord of the Rings: War of the Rings. It is a LotR Real Time Strategy game and it is based off of the books.

I have the Two Towers game based on the movie for Xbox. It is actually very good for a movie-based game, but it’s far too short (I finished it in a weekend). The gameplay is fun though… a good hack and slash. It’s worth a hire. I would recommend seeing the movies first though (if you haven’t), a lot of the appeal is seeing the environments and characters looking extremely close to their movie counterparts.

At the end of the day though, why couldn’t someone have made a Lord of the Rings RPG? The story would work incredibly well as an one, but all the games seem to be action/adventure titles.

One of my buddies got ROTK for Xbox. If you liked Two Towers, then you’ll definitely like this one. Graphics are way better, It’s nice and rather movie-based, and there’s a co-op so that you can play with a bud and compete in kills. :wink:

Does it contain movie spoilers?

The fact that you couldn’t (or at least i couldn’t) skip past the movie sequences in the two towers really killed it for me.

Not too sure, cause i’ve only played a little bit. There are three routes you can take. One for Frodo and Sam, one for Aragorn and friends, and one for Gandalf. So far, in the first few stages they’ve only used footage from the previous movies.

It annoys me when games are to short…someone complained that the windwaker took them a week, but I’d say that was alright for me…as it took me just under a week. While, on the other hand, Wario Land 4 took me a day and I got it on ChristmasO_O but it was still fun and funny, so I wasn’t to bothered…someone told me about an old Phantasy Star game that took 20 mins! people had races to see who could complete it the fastest:P
I guess, even though I’ve only played a little bit of some of the LotR games, they seemed cool for me and good to play^^

I want to get Return of the King but I’m gonna need to see the movie first so I don’t get the whole storyline from the game. (As with the Two Towers game the story begins with events from the previous movie so I guess I could play the first couple of levels.)

Actually I think they made the right decision to not make a LOTR RPG, but rather other kinds of games… (however, no I do not like hack and slash games and no I haven’t played the LOTR games at all, I’m just judging their decision to not make RPGs)
I mean, think about it, what’s the biggest appeal of an RPG? Sure battles are fun and all that but the biggest charm of them comes from the story doesn’t it? So, doesn’t playing an RPG that you already know it’s story inside out lose that charm? You will possibly always know what happens next where to go next so you’ll just be basically repeating what you know. There could be things added but then that wouldn’t be an authentic experience and most propably the game designers will not be as good as Tolkien in creating more parts for the story :slight_smile:
If there was an RPG made I’d like it to take place in Middle Earth but with a whole new story and characters so that you get a new story in a familiar place without breaking the series since it could be considered almost a fan fic game :slight_smile:
Not sure if I explained right what I want to say, I guess I’ll see from your replies :slight_smile:

I guess that’s right, the story is a important part. But, maybe knowing that there is going to be a big fight soon will make people excited…or knowing that their favorite part of the book is coming up in the game. I don’t think many can remember every sigle bit in exact detail, so little bits they might have missed in their minds might come back as they are playing and then they go “oh yeah! I remember this, cool!”. But, it might ruin it, I agree, depends what sort of person you are really doesn’t it? if your ok with knowing the story then it’s fine, but if not then you wont buy it:P

Isn’t LOTR: War of the Ring meant to be an RPG? Investigate this further, I shall.

lol, yoda has returned and he likes LOTR…now I’m imaging Yoda in LOTR…hmm…sorta cool…a little strange…but his clothes sort of make him fit in…oh, and his pointy ears:P

“Frodo, ring you must not use, hmmm? Dark side is strong with it, can feel I. Look out for the one named Boromir, young hobbit. Betray you he will.”

And War of the Ring is an RTS.

[quote=“Shadow”]“Frodo, ring you must not use, hmmm? Dark side is strong with it, can feel I. Look out for the one named Boromir, young hobbit. Betray you he will.”

And War of the Ring is an RTS.[/quote]

lol, exactly! man, I gotta make a spoof movie with that in! man, must go tell friends with expensive cameras to do so…

You have a point, but still, I can imagine the whole quest to Mordor layed out with a party based combat system, and keeping true to the book most the way. It would make a fantastic RPG I think, although another story set in Middle Earth could be even better.

It just seemed to me that a hack and slash is a little degrading of Tolkien’s work, but TTT is still a good game.

I got it last night… The Return of the King. My aunt was involved in making the Lord of the Rings movies so she managed to get me copy for free :slight_smile: Now the question is, should I play it now, or wait until after the movie. It’s pretty tempting to see what it’s like. Maybe I’ll just play the first few stages like TheSharpEdge recommended.

I tried doing that once…not a good idea for me at least :stuck_out_tongue: I told my self ‘ok, only a few stages…wow, this next bit looks really cool…myabe I’ll just play this bit as well…’ and it when on and on :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know what’s like :slight_smile:

Alright then, I guess I won’t take the seal off it until after the movie comes out.