The Long Dark

Has anyone else played this game? I bought it a while back in early access. The survival mode felt quite unique and relatively realistic compared to other survival games. What I like is the simplicity of the premise: it’s just humans surviving in nature. No monsters or other artificial opponents. The full game has just been released on Steam which includes the first episodes of the story mode:

It’s also on GOG, but at this time of writing they haven’t moved it out of “In Development” (GOG’s version of “Early Access”). I’m guessing they will publish the release version soon, so you might want to wait if you want a DRM-free version or just play the sandbox in the meantime; I bought it on Steam before GOG even had In Development games so I’ll just try the story mode already released on Steam at some point. Edit: The GOG version has now been released.

Well, the description makes it sound more appealing than most of the other survival games out there. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to giving it a try, but I’ll keep it in mind.