The Last of Us Part II

I’m wondering if this will be a dual PS4/PS5 title or if they’ve turned it into a PS5 exclusive.

They’ve already confirmed it for PS4, so they can’t go back on that now!

You mean like Crimson Dragon for Xbox 360?

I think there would be a little more fury this time around! Still, it’s been announced for February so definitely gonna be on PS4! SUCH EXCITE :anjou_love:

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I see there’s a collectors edition too, if you’re still into those:

I’ll have to decide whether to get this as a physical copy (to resell) or digital. I’m leaning towards digital as it’s the kind of experience I might want to replay one day. In any case, I’m looking forward to finally playing it next year!

Pre ordered my Collectors Edition, can’t wait

There’s no multiplayer. Probably for the best, as that’s development effort that can go towards making the campaign better.

Delayed until May 2020.

Probably for the best as it would likely clash with Panzer Dragoon: Remake’s release (unless that’s delayed too).

Yeah I’m totally okay to wait for this one. There’s plenty of other stuff to play in the mean time.

This is a fun look at what The Last of Us: Part 2 might look like running on PSOne hardware:

That looks beyond PS1 capabilities to me. Texture variety perhaps and all the conextual animations, maybe the way the level is fully seamless rather than segmented in smaller per-room areas and such. Tecnhu with its open maps sure didn’t look as good as this, you could see 5 feet ahead, etc. Even Silent Hill looked less technically advanced, though more profficient in its art style and use of limited assets perhaps for a more compelling result. Don’t get me wrong, it still looks like a cool demake.

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A TLOU TV show has now been confirmed! HBO has a pretty decent track record recently and anyone who has seen Chernobyl will tell you it was excellent (if not completely faithful).

I’m glad they’re going this route rather than a feature film, there’s so much more you can do with a series that the reduced minutes of a film just can’t replicate.

Great news, especially with Neil Druckmann on board and the choice of going with HBO who are known for shows featuring mature content. I’m always a bit weary of video game adaptions, but I think when I comes to game choices The Last of Us is an ideal source material to adapt.

Delayed again…

So a game about an infection was delayed by a real infection. Let’s hope that the Coronavirus doesn’t turn society into a post apocalyptic ruin. As far as I’m aware there’s been no sightings of giraffes wandering through the cities yet.

So, I figured, I’ll be busy with Resident Evil (another series about a virus… Topical) between April 3rd and when TLOU2 comes out, so last weekend I read the TLOU graphic novel, and spent this week playing the game again. Just as fantastic as I remember. Then I thought, well, may as well preorder it, so I did.

NOT EVEN AN HOUR LATER Sony tweet the delay :anjou_angry:

Confirmed for June 19th!

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Not long now. Apparently you can preload the digital version already. The reviews have given this a 96% average, so I’m expecting good things.

This game is brutal. Loving it so far and the best weather/snow effects I’ve yet seen. Also like the CE from Game

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I heard they completely ruined a characters story! There is a lot of pissed off fans! Can’t say I’m a fan since this game is not my thing. But something has to be said:

The disrespect for the subject material and story is quite evident as seen by all of the thousands of negative user reviews. I talked about this before.

Its not just movies and t.v. shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who that are being destroyed and bastardized but video games as well…it’s pretty sad to see. As I’ve heard they fired 70% of the original Last of Us development team.

Something highly disrespectful happens to a main character and the story is never fully resolved or for that matter, never reaches any kind of satisfying conclusion. I feel sorry for the fans. I know how it feels…

I haven’t finished the game yet, but I found this spoiler free article which talks about how Naughty Dog kept running up against the limits of the PS4 hardware.

Even though I’m playing The Last of Us Part II on the PlayStation 4 Pro and visually it’s probably the most impressive game I’ve ever played, some compromises were clearly made to make it look this good, most noticeably the low framerate. If the framerate can be bumped up to 60fps on PS5 (like The Last of Us Remastered was on PS4) I will certainly be happy. As it stands, even Part II running on the base PS4 is already running at higher framerate than the first Last of Us on PS3.