The identity of Gash

Gash shows his identity to Edge. Edge seems surprised when he saw who Gash truly was. So who could he be? We know that Lundi was Gashes mentor but where is Kyle. Could gash be Kyle? Kyle loses his hair, gets a scar on his face and there you go,Kyle with a mask on. That sounds kind of stupid but im just wondering who Gash realy is.Any suggestions?

When? I know it happens sometime, but I just forgot when.

And, though I think that Gash being Kyle is possible, I think maybe Edge was just surprised to see Gash’s damaged eye.

I think he was surprised to see Gash’s wound on the side of the face his mask covered…not who he was.(Assuming I was right and Gash DID get half his face ripped off from a coolia gone berserk when he was younger, noone has yet to confirm it or otherwise)
Why would Edge be surprised to see Kyle or anyone else of the PD series that WE know? He wouldn’t even know who it is he hasn’t met them :slight_smile:
The mask only hid LESS than HALF his face anyway, (as displayed by the concept art on the top of every forum page as well) do you think you wouldn’t be recognised from the rest of your face/head if someone knew you?

In the game he is called shadoweye and his identity is said be be a secret even though you can see half of his face.

So why do u think that revealing the rest of his face revealed his true identity? A tattoo writing his name?
I just think he considered Edge to be close enough to him, friends if you will, to show him how he really is and not always hide behind the mask, not that Edge got any clue as to who Gash really is…His face was too horrible to even show us, the players, and that’s why Edge got that reaction. I could be wrong, it’s just how I understood that scene.
Again, why would Edge be surprised to see Kyle? He doesn’t know him…
And I believe the scar Gash has is supposed to be there since he was a kid if I remember the story right. We had discussed it in another thread and noone bothered to confirm it or proveit’s wrong therefor I have no idea as I haven’t played Saga since it was released.

I always assumed that Edge gasped because he saw Gash’s namesake, hence why he (Gash) has to wear the mask thing.