The Hero Of Skies Of Arcadia Gets The Statue He Deserves … 1569495350

Well deserved.

Damn, it’s tempting me!..uh…ahhhh…was about to reserve it and I forced myself to close out of the Internet!..LOL… :anjou_sigh:

Despite being a huge Dreamcast fan back in the day, this game never quite lived up to my expectations and I really don’t understand why some love this game the way they do. Still, I do wish Sega would release a HD version for current gen platforms, if only to raise more interested in Dreamcast era Sega again.

Well aside from the battle system which some love or hate, (Skies of Arcadia Legends had less random battles) the game has other great qualities.

-The depth in exploration and discovery

-The enchanting and exceptionally well done music imo adding perfect atmosphere

-The vibrant and exceptional level of detail put into the dungeons and towns

(It’s kind of rare to see this level of artistic dedication in games; even today! Environments in most current RPG’s I’ve played seem too large and ambitious becoming bland, dull, rushed, too spread out, flat, or cut and paste, witch seems lifeless…e.g. Tales of Xillia/Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists Of The Dusk Sky

-The wonderfully diverse ship designs

-The exciting ship to ship battles was a breath of fresh air

-The story is just so endearing you can overlook the fact that it may not be that deep and complex because at it’s heart, it is a story of discovery (literally) full of charming characters, grandiose atmosphere and a wonderful world that feels alive

That’s my opinion anyway. :anjou_happy: