The Halo 2 Spoilers Topic


I’m almost done. But that last 3 rooms in High Charity are proving to be a bitch.


I really hope Legendary gets harder later on =/ I’m just starting “The Arbiter”, and have had no problems so far. The Cairo was pathetically easy.


You are a great Halo master Shadow.I think it’s safe to assume you can now die happy :anjou_love:


Not until I’ve sodomised your very soul.


Ah, the memories… 12 years ago this week (Discourse tells me the last update in this post was 4364 days ago…)!

Also, who could forget the TWOTA Halo2 Championship!


Oh how naive I was back then.

@Shadow is The Master Chief Collection the only way to play Halo 2 multiplayer now? Or is there a way to play online using the PC version? Could be a fun trip back through memory lane.


Last I checked, the PC servers were still up. There was talk of them shutting down but I don’t think it ever actually happened.

Master Chief Collection is definitely the best way to play it though… Unless you have a time machine.


The official servers are down for Halo 2 PC, but recently Project Cartographer got it back online. Just install it in your directory and you should be connected from then on. It works well enough, but chatboxes are bugged ingame. There’s still decent numbers of people playing every day.

Project Cartographer here :