The Gunner of Dragoon?

A few days ago, one guys started following the twitter account.

He uses the same font as the original Panzer Dragoon games.

He apparently made a VR game where you ride a dragoon with a gun. Simple LOL.
This looks very empty, ‘ugly’, the gun is horrible as well as the dragon design but… it has somehow a Panzer vibe, probably due to sounds & music used.

He used Saori Kobayashi music so I guess he has been officially in touch with her and also Futatsugi so they let this be done ?

My feeling is Futatsugi might have let a fan work get done to see if this works.

Did you hear about this ??

Latest Youtube video

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Apparently Yukio has seen it

Thanks !
How did you find out about this ? It’s from summer 2016, so I am a bit curious ^^

It was the same font so I guess there was a sort of unofficial tolerance about this ?

I really didn’t like what I have seen. I think VR is way too approximative right now. We will get there but right now, I don’t buy it. I mean look at the design of the monsters, the dragon… it’s more like a crimson dragon.

I want a well finished, well polished game, in the Moebius heritage style. A panzer Dragoon, nothing less. And I think if Futatsugi goes the VR road for a new Panzer Dragoon first, it is a mistake.