The Golden Monologue *Orta spoilers*

"((Your mission is completed
Yet, you still wish to remain?))

((Your body is fragile and mortal now))

((Your life will more than likely end out there if you continue))

((Alright, I understand))

((Farewell, my other half…))

((I must rest…))

((Whatch over OUR friends for me…)"

In my opnion this is what “a part” of Lagi tells the other part.
But my question for you guys is :

Who’s who?What are the 2 parts?

One must be the dragon we control in Orta but what about the other?
Heresy program?

Thoughts needed :slight_smile:

The Heresy dragon is the huge black dragon we see at the end of Saga that becomes gold by the time Orta takes place, and Lagi is the coolia who grew into the dragon it occupied.

The Heresy dragon evolved the coolia into a dragon and its intelligence increased as a result.

Indeed, the Heresy program is what speaks in that cutscene.

‘our friends’ - do you think the heresy was referring to Orta/Edge/etc or the human race as a whole? If not the latter option, it proves that Edge and Azel may still be out there. Of course it could be referring to Gash…

Yeah perhaps Edge and Azel were off having a lifelong picnic while their daughter grew up an orphan never knowing real love.



Actually they could just be trapped somewhere in the astral plane? no one knows if Azel returned or not. Maybe she found Edge after she created Orta. We simply don’t know.

I can imagine Edge and Azel on a quest to find Orta, the child the Seekers abducted.

okay okay, nevermind.

Well the Heresy program was say “goodbye” to Lagi…

Then we see Lagi passing by the seeker camp (Gash scene)…

…towards his new crest that we only get to see in commercial thingies :stuck_out_tongue:

So what is different in Lagi now?

He’s no obliged to destroy the Towers.Heck, there ar enot Towers left…

…or are there?

There are towers left, just deactivated we assume. Whats different now is that Lagi chooses to save Orta and chooses to fight against Abadd and the Empire from his own free will. There are no obligations for him anymore. It is his past experiences and natural affection for humans that make him wish to return.

Indeed.Maybe this is a favor for the Heresy Program who asks him to look for “our friends”…

Not really, because Lagi wanted to go back before the Heresy said that.

It wasn’t Lagi who said that…

Oh wait : you are saying that Lagi si the heresy program?


I wasn’t meaning favor as in balckmail thing…

I’m assuming Lagi WANTED to protect “their friends”