The Fate of Sonic

I didn’t want the Best Sega Games thread to go too far off topic (and with the subject of Sonic, it was apossibility =P), so I’ve created this thread for Sonic debate.

Personally I think Sonic Team need to revert back to the formula that made the original Sonic’s so appealing. You play as Sonic, and only Sonic in the main game. I don’t think that playing as other characters in mini games and cameos wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but keep it to a minimum. Also, Sonic should have a playable-by-second-player-or-CPU sidekick. This character could perhaps be selectable? Allowing teams to reach different areas of the map to gain power ups and such.

And they should DEFINITLY bring back the special stages. Perhaps a mix of both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3’s stages. Then you need to have the number of Chaos Emeralds you collect mean something to the story again. Doomsday level, anyone? And pseaking of the story, they need some decent writers to come up with a GOOD story. The originals were back in the day when people weren’t too fussed about stories, but nowadays it’s essential. And level design needs a complete overhaul too… it goes on and on…

To be honest I never liked the 3D Sonic games that much.Sonic was awesome as a 2d platformer.I actually found the Sonic Advance games a lot more fun than the 30 minutes I’ve played of Sonic Adventure.

Even tho I consider myself a fan of Sega (but not necesserilly a Sega fan if you know what I mean) I think there are too many Sonic games already.Same with Mario games.

Can’t the industry live without them?Get new heros!

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]To be honest I never liked the 3D Sonic games that much.Sonic was awesome as a 2d platformer.I actually found the Sonic Advance games a lot more fun than the 30 minutes I’ve played of Sonic Adventure.

Even tho I consider myself a fan of Sega (but not necesserilly a Sega fan if you know what I mean) I think there are too many Sonic games already.Same with Mario games.

Can’t the industry live without them?Get new heros![/quote]

The industry almost relies on these two for now to give it a symbol a face anything that the public can connect it to. There have been many different heroes that have attempted to gain the same status of Sonic or Mario. Crash Bandicoot worked for a while, then just died off. Link has a pretty strong following but isn’t too mainstream to be considered a hero of the industry. Lets not think about Blinx…

For console characters they are the top two “heros” but there are other symbols for the industry to hang on to, such as Doom being the PC symbol for FPS’s basically and Final Fantasy VII for RPG’s on PS2.

Back to Sonic though Ghen is absolutely right, you cannot create the same sense of speed and hectic linear levels that didn’t seem linear at all in a 3D Sonic game. Best for Sonic to stick to 2D platforms from now on and mobile games…somone should port a Sonic game for cell phones.

I personally loved Sonic Adventure. And the originals too.
However SA2 wasn’t that hot (but the chao were awesome) and Sonic Heroes was pathetic imo. but (I think) it sold well… so I guess thats all that matters now…

Bye Bye Sonic :anjou_sigh:

Sonic Adventure shoul dhave been marketed to death with the launch of dreamcast, but Sega seem to not be able to do advertising very well.

Just as a note, Deem Bristow, the voice of Dr. Robotnik (Dr.Eggman) died on the 15th…

R.I.P…personally I think he did a great job.

And I agree with Shadow so far…teh hype of the Chaos Emeralds was excellent and perhaps setting a challenge that people got rewarded very well for…
I mean come on, Super sonic? And the even Hyper Sonic, twas great achieveing them.

I did however enjoy Sonic Adventure, perhaps because it was my first DC game, but it gave a new look to sonic. Specially the guitars!

A proper Doomsday Zone in 3D might be a possibility…hmm…wonder what it would look like?
A proper story is DEFINATLY needed…

I’d like to see another one…as long as they have half decent people making it. Crush 40 can happyly be invovled…I just don’t want to see another Sonic Heroes :anjou_sigh: aimed at the little kiddies…

And about that quote in the other thread:

Please tell me this is a joke. I like Nintendo nearly as much as Sega but that’s just…just…

::runs off into a corner and starts crying::

Scary…simply scary.

Wait, I know!

“Sonic Heroes 2: Heres’a Mario!”

Sonic the Hedgehog was what made Sega into the giant of console gaming it is/was. Without him, the Mega Drive/Genesis would never have been as big, and would have had the same problem against the SNES as Dreamcast did against the PS2.

Sonic Adventure is easily the most loved Sonic title since the Mega Drive went under. It was what really brought the spiky one back into the public’s eye, with colourful graphics and a good soundtrack. Sonic Adventure 2 was an evolution on the original in some ways, including the introduction of rankings that made NiGHTS and Burning Rangers so incredibly replayable, but made the mistake of imbalancing the gameplay types. Hunting and Shooting are Ok, but they aren’t as fun as Sonic and Shadow’s pure speed levels. The soundtrack for SA2 was infectious…I specifically remember my higher/AS geography exam, the theme of Final Rush was stuck in my head and would not go away…

Sonic Heroes, as my summary on the topic showed, was a very, very poor imitiation of a Sonic game. Full credit goes to Sega for trying out the team idea though; one thing which no-one can deny about Sega is their willingness to try new things. Yes, it brought back the special stages, but they were…volatile.

As for Sonic’s future, I think the next Sonic game will be back to Sonic’s roots again, following the lambasting that Sonic Heroes got (even though it sold a crapload). It’ll be more like SA1: get to the end fast whilst scoring.

Incidentally, a fun challenge on SA1 is to finish each level with a score of over 6000 points. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Well I won my Gamecube in a semi-private SA2 contest (long story…if anyone wants to try my winning times, ask me. g) so besides the hunting/shooting thing I still love it and yeah, the soundtrack was pretty…aggressive.
But not bad.

Chao Garden was awesome and having a lil’ rock band of chao sit together and play something is the epitome of cuteness :anjou_happy:

I’d like to see a story that involves the emeralds in the way the old games did as implied before…make them optional and HARD! Bring back a 3d Eggman juggling emeralds for nostalgia’s sake g

It’s not surprising to hear clues of a crossover with Mario and Sonic considering Kingdom Hearts was a success and there is now a Namco/Capcom crossover RPG in the works, what if this games is also an RPG…(shudders, then thinks of the interesting possibilities - Paper Mario was pretty good actually!"

I think a Sonic/Mario game sounds cool actually. It was actually one of my childhood thoughts actually…

I agree with Felix too, many people were horrified about Final Fantasy Characters with Disney characters, and look what happened! It was a very successful game.

No need to be pessimistic yet.

wow… I posted!

Same here. Except obviously only a miracle could stop the game being a diabolical disaster.

Having not played any of the new-generation Sonic games really (aside from Sonic Advance and Sonic Pinball Party, my only two games for my GameBoy Advance SP - does that count? :anjou_embarassed:), I can’t really offer an opinion on how they compare to the old games.

But I think that, to some extent, Sonic had to move away from the classic formula, even if it was only for a while - it made the games easy, however fun they were, and could only work in small doses before it got repetitive.

However, as I said, I cannot say whether the jump into modern gaming has hurt the quality of the Sonic games until I’ve checked it out for myself. I do think that new games which really bring back the old feel would be quite cool; it has been a while since I was reminded of the old games, from what I’ve seen anyway.

(dreams of a 3D Sonic 3 & Knuckles) :anjou_love:

But was it good?

I myself haven’t played it at all, but apparentely it was very good. Spawning a sequel and a GBA spin off of sorts.


But was it good?[/quote]

I thought it was quite fun! I havent finished it myself, lost hold of the ps2, but as far as I got, it was something refreshing!

I’ve played a little bit of Kingdom Hearts, it seemed quite fun, although not the kind of game you’d take too seriously.

Like Atolm said, it’s something different, which isn’t a bad thing.