The Fall: Last Days Of Gaia RPG (PC AFAIK)

Official Site:

It looks pretty good, in fact some shots made me think it’s got still, pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D objects on top of them, but the site mentions it’s got a fully controllable camera and even constrollable vehicles etc. The character and other models look simplistic but I don’t think any part of the game looks BAD and the environments look superb for the most part, I like the overall look of this one as well :slight_smile:

The features sound all good with some very interesting things I didn’t quite expect, with this one being the one that surprised me the most:
“New possibilities of interaction with the environment such as digging for water, hunting and gutting animals bring unexpected experiences to the genre.”

Here’s a preview of it on RPGdot:
Well, maybe we won’t get a new Fallout RPG anytime soon but this one seems like it can be a decent alternative to satisfy our post-apocalyptic needs :slight_smile:

A german team and some people from Black Isle? Interesting.
The graphics look okay - nothing above average.

Many people in the Fallout community are hoping this post apocalyptic RPG will fill the huge void left in the wake of Fallout 3’s cancellation.

Fallout 3 was going to allow players to bend the fate of the world to their will just like the previous games but with more immediate consequences. The Brotherhood of Steel were actually going to make a return and the player could either help rebuild their organization or destroy them.

I hope Interplay doesn’t live long enough to regret screwing its PC fanbase.

It’s ironic because most of the people who developed so many of Interplay’s greatest games have left to found or join other companies. Obsidian has the most ex-Black Isle staff, Troika was founded by some of the original creators of Fallout, and at least one person who was working on Fallout 3 before being made redundant is now working on The Fall.