The Falconeer shows SEGA how to bring Panzer Dragoon in the '20s

And that’s not by giving an unknown studio a few bucks to remake the originals. Just look at this…

And check the creator’s twitter accounts for loads and loads of cool little clips of what he’s working on.

I can imagine riding a dragon in the manner he does his falcon and fighting all sorts of weird mutated beasts, guardian machines and cobbled together airships above ancient ruins and forests and seas, it would have been so so good. Also, hi, it’s been a while, I hope everyone’s good. I searched for falconeer and nothing similar came up, I’m sorry if there already is a thread I missed but this shit is hype :slight_smile:


Dunno why twitter clips/gifs don’t embed here (the first tweet has one), too bad, it’s a really cool scene.

Hi @Al3xand3r, long time no see!

This game looks like it could be fun, although I agree with Richard Leadbetter’s assessment that the comparison with Panzer Dragoon only goes so far.

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Well it’s not a copy cat or clone of a specific game, it’s neither a rail shooter nor a JRPG (and before saga who would have thought the series can work like one, so, it’s not like it has remained in one specific style itself), panzer dragoon could be adapted to a similar modern style (ie no longer on rails since those don’t appear to do so well these days, or rather they’re not really created) within its own themes and art style.

Guh, I guess gifs don’t embed either.

Personally I get more panzer-suitable vibes from clips of this and the whole guy and his falcon vs the world deal than something like crimson dragon and iirc we in the past also discussed the potential of the series to expand to other genres if brought back, though I don’t recall if anyone ever thought to suggest an open world combat flight game like this (it may have been deemed impossible, or that lair game made it sound like a shit idea, but now you have a single guy developing this so, wow). I’ve suggested anything, from monster hunter style games (play as hunters riding out on coolia to find resources for their village and fight mutated and other beasts that threaten their survival, most often with the mutated nature to deal with but also the occasional ruin to explore, maybe delve inside to shut it down as it affects the environment, breeds monsters or whatever else) to strategy rpgs a la tactics ogre (with things like airship units flying above the battle map and different factions like meccania fighting the empire and each other) and rts.

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Yeah, I get that the definition of “what is a Panzer Dragoon game” is loose. Especially with Panzer Dragoon Saga, the genre of the series proved to be less important the art and world. I’d like to see a more open world Panzer Dragoon one day and something like this The Falconeer looks like it could be a good grounding for the mechanics behind an open world Panzer.

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Seeing combat clips like this you can even imagine how it would be adapted with some Saga/Orta aspects with positioning and all that jazz mattering a lot while being more tactical than the average rail shooters still

Gif which doesn’t embed again >_>

I dunno if this game’s final form will be any good but it’s jaw dropping how mostly one guy did all this.

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Imagine something like a massive Grig Orig getting a zoom-in intro like that as you’re just flying about:

If twitter isn’t gonna embed the videos/gifs/whatever then maybe display it as a web link instead? It’s weird.

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I have sent the youtube video to my Facebook, Twitter, etc…because Pooh wanted me too…Hey wait up Pooh, have you seen Tigger…silly old bear…

This will be one reason I’ll by Xbox ne(X)t…I’ll have too hide it from Pooh!..WOOOWOOOO!!!