The Dragons in Project Draco

I was wondering if anybody had read any of the articles that are linked on the main page about Project Draco.

After reading them, it seems that this game is in fact Science Fiction and not fantasy as stated by the creator. This is interested because in the one of the articles the previewer states that the dragons, are different somehow alien. Of course this further the science fiction.

But on to my point, after looking at all the new differing screen shots, I have noticed that the wings of the dragons are actually extend from the back of the dragons. They are independent of the arms themselves. After looking closer at the designs of the dragons, I could not help but notice that the overall form of the dragons seems to be bi-pedal in nature. It would appear that possibly these dragons, can walk up-right.

What do you think?

I hadn’t thought of it that way, but now you mention it they do have almost ‘demon’ like proportions. Could make them a little more interesting.

Hopefully there is a way to unlock dragon-types from Panzer Dragoon within the game.