The Dragon's Gender

This only just occurred to me, but given that Lagi “gives birth” to a baby dragon at the end of PD Orta, does that mean Lagi is female?

I know Lagi is really just a “rogue” program in a mutated Coolia’s body but his/her biology would have to take a specific gender, unless the creatures are androginous. I also realise Edge and Lundi refer to the dragon as “he” but perhaps they can’t tell the difference.

If this is true, it opens up some interesting ideas about the union of male and female through the bond between the male riders (Orta being the exception, although she was a drone like the Sky Rider) and the female dragon. And doesn’t Lagi create and store a baby dragon in Shelkoof at the end of PD Zwei, which s/he merges with in PD Saga?

I always assumed that the dragon reproduced asexually by creating a clone of himself. The baby dragon that Lagi left behind in Shelcoof may have been a clone containing the DNA which allowed Edge’s dragon to morph into the Solo Wing (which was based on the forms featured in Panzer Dragoon Zwei).

Lundi refers to Lagi as a he, so presumably the original coolia’s sex was male. The voice of the dragon program is male too.

Yes I think it is specified (indirectly? Can’t recall but it’s somewhere in the Encyclopedia) that pure-type bio-engineered creatures do not have reproductive organs like the mutated types. Dragons are still generally classed as pure types and it’s unimaginable that the Ancient masters would have a reason to include reproductive ability for dragons, rather a greater liability in fact. Regarding the Heresy dragon and specifically Lagi, there’s more room for speculation, but I agree with Solo’s take.