The dragon witch versus... the Delphinus

If Orta and her new dragon were to ever cross paths with the most powerful warship in the Valuan armada, namely the Delphinus, who would survive the ensuing battle?

I decided to make this topic mainly because Orta hasn’t seen the last of the Empire, and a warship like the Delphinus from Skies of Arcadia could very well await her on the other side of the horizon. Who knows what the Empire will throw at the dragon witch in the next game? One can only imagine.

Haha, now there’s a crossover that’s entertaining. Well, at first I assumed the Delphinus would win because of the moonstone cannon, but then I remembered the dragon in Saga took a blast from the infested Grig Orig and got away without a scratch (that shield sure is powerful). I think the dragon, even a newborn one, would be able to take on a warship without much trouble, it certainly had any problem with them in the past.

I’m not sure… aren’t newborn dragons unable to fly? A flying target would probably be a match, but I doubt a waddling target would be able to avoid the huge cannon very well… :anjou_disappointment:

I wonder: if Orta simply to decided one day to wipe out the Empire, would the Empire stand even the slightest chance of safeguarding itself from her insanity come to life… even with a warship like the Delphinus?

I can’t wait to find out. :anjou_happy:

That’s a good point; in the games so far, the main character tends to decimate the Imperial fleet in the course of doing something else entirely. I doubt things would be pretty if they actively tried to blow up the Empire… :anjou_disappointment:

Just use a well timed Beserk when the Dolphin airship does it’s cannon or something.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what i’m talking about. :anjou_love:

Oh dude, you’re comparing my two favorite games.

But simply, Vyse and his bad-ass crew would be more than able to take down that crappy dragon & Orta.

the dragon would just dash behind the delphinus to avoid that moonstone cannon or use a berserk. then all she would have to watch for are torpedos- which wouldn’t be a problem unless they had tikatika. but anyway, the dragon has never failed in shooting torpedos down.

i think it would have be the dragon; for all the other things it has taken down, it would be a gross tragedy to lose to the delphinus :smiley:

I doubt the dragon would go along with it. He tends to only go after the Empire when they’re attacking him, or like you said, when they get in the way.

I know lvl5 Heavy Wing in Orta wouldn’t even be able to fly in a real battle becaus eof the holes in his wings … :anjou_wow:

What battle system are they using? PDO’s or SoA?

I think the Delphinus would likely win if Fina swoon was casting the ol’ Increm/Driln combo all the time.

[quote=“Arcie”]What battle system are they using? PDO’s or SoA?

I think the Delphinus would likely win if Fina swoon was casting the ol’ Increm/Driln combo all the time.[/quote]

Of course, with a crew that has extreme talents that can aid the Delphinus, it can definitely win.

Plus, party experience helps the Delphinus, so if everyone is at level 99 or something, they will rip that dragon to shreds in a matter of seconds.

The Grig Orig was much more powerful than the Delphinus and it was destroyed. There is no point trying to use a huge battleship against a much smaller and more agile target. And besides that the target has a powerful antibeam shield. It would be a one sided battle. :anjou_happy:

Well okay, but how bout this?

Since Vyse is such a bad-ass, he would just manage to board the dragon and he would kill Orta, thus making the dragon his.


(Doesn’t want to admit defeat).