The Divine Visitor's orb in Uru Underground Ruins?

It’s got to be the representation of the divine visitor, given how similar it is to the one at the beginning of the game. Maybe Edge died again?

I just figured it was how they were transported from the black ruins to the Uru labs. Nothing divine about it.

Or perhaps would have died, had the Divine Visitor’s orb not slowed his fall.

But, when Edge and his dragon return later, we don’t see the orb again (as far as I recall).

[quote=“Solo Wing”]
But, when Edge and his dragon return later, we don’t see the orb again (as far as I recall).[/quote]

Edge and Azel take the elevator when they leave.

No white orb though, right? Or electric bubble, from what I remember.

They fall into a strange orb above the entrance, which fades away afterwards. I assume that explains the passage of electrical waves, but I’m not sure what the orb is supposed to be. Could be the dragon’s orb, the Divine Visitor or just something connected to the passage itself. The sound being played is the same as we hear when the Edge/Lundi receive the dragon’s vision (I think).

Yeah, I should probably have been clearer. There’s two orbs:

  1. The huge dark orb that Edge and Azel fall into. This appears to be filled with the electrical waves that we see as Edge falls into it.

  2. A white orb. This appears after the electrical waves are shown. I think this might be the Divine Visitor’s orb since the dragon isn’t present to save Edge (he fell into the lake when fighting Atolm).

^@.2 :it makes sense yeah.

But I just re-watched the video and if you watch closely I think you can see a second orb. It drops faster. You can see it at 4:54.

The sound effects for the protective dragon orbs in Saga and Zwei do seem to match up if I recall correctly. And they do sound different than what is on that video.

Good spotting. The appearance of two white orbs makes the question of what the nature of these orbs is much more mysterious.

I knew what you were referring to, I just still thought it was part of how they got to the labs, because otherwise they’re dropped off at the ceiling and told ‘have a happy landing’.

I had never noted or thought about this one, but I want to think it’s not necessarily suggestive of any mystery, rather: there is not such a clear delineation between the ‘divinity’ of our Visitor, and the apex levels of the technology of the Ancients.

It could be that the smaller orb was the DV orb preceding the path of conduit of Edge. It has no need to be translated the same way, and might even become trapped or injured by the powerful and perhaps related energies of such a conduit? I seem to want to think of the DV as not too dissimilar to the Heresy entity/program, in that it’s almost haunting the psychic realms, but may yet need to be mindful of dangerous attention or forces.

Or the larger orb might simply be a protective shield from the dragon to save Edge from dying in the fall?

Liking this theory. :anjou_happy: