The Deathmaker

Seven minutes to take him down… did you make it on your first go? Or did you die? Or did you die on any other go? :slight_smile:

hehe - i found this boss very easy - well easy to take out in 7 mins. Even on my first attempt when i had no idea what an RPG was, lol! (when i was a lvl 42 dragon at the Anti Dragons)

So, anyone ever died at this boss?

No, I had no probelm.In fact I died once no purpose to see what happened…

The Behemoth killed me once…

Anyone ever purposefully let the time run out facing the Deathmaker? What happens?

I died on my first attempt. The only time I ever died in the game.

I didn’t die when i fought the Deathmaker. Zoah had to be saved! I gave it all i had.

personally i wanted to see jubas get nuked >D

this is the second time…


Juba is the bar tender!The fat guy…


I didn’t run out of time the first time I played it, however when I played through the game again I tried failing the boss encounter just to see if there was any alternative paths in the storyline.

I made it quite comfortably the first time (about 2 mins left), but the second time I was freakin close…I had 47 seconds left!

Once I failed it to see what happened, after firing up a Shield, cranking DEF up to 200 and using protection wing…it still did 9999 damage though. Ouch.

maybe you should try Vengence Orbs?

It is impossibel : i have tried it!

I beat the level quite nicely. I dont remember how many minutes I had left though.
However my bf had 17 seconds left before he defeated it. He ended up calling me in the dead of night asking how to beat it.

3 min, 45 secs… oh yeah… :slight_smile:

coughsand mites disc 1 repeatedlycough

Sand mites?! I killed no poor sand mite!


Bah! Only a weakling levels up on Kolba!

I admit, I did fail to get it in time:( The missile hit, there’s a big bang and one toasted dragon (it gives you more damage than you could have possibly levelled up enough to sustain at that point).

4 min, 25 seconds now… is this abnormal or something?