The death of SEGA and the end of the Panzer Dragoon series

Read this article at I can’t believe this is happening. The Panzer series is in a lot of trouble. Something must be done to save sega. No more Sonic, Shenmue, or Panzer.

You can’t believe everything you hear my boy…

I have read this article at Shining Force Central and I think this guy’s level of pessimism is unwarranted. Sammy is in no position to dictate Sega policies, especially now that Sega’s profits are on the rise.

Regardless of who has the majority shares, Sammy at present only has less than a quarter overall. They can, presumably, be told to fuck off if everyone else gets together.

Scary thought, but I honestly doubt SEGA would just stand and let this happen. Personally, I think the guy’s either misinformed or overreacting.

“We put Sega before our own lives. It is a part of us, like a newborn baby. We SHALL NOT see our dearest child molested and murdered.”

Anyone else get the feeling that he’s, erm, a nutcase?

I was just about to mention that, Lance.


Third here for the nutcase thing.

Yes. I shake in fear.

Isn’t Japanese a “concept” language, though (i.e. the word “nin” meaning “the art of invisibility and stealth”)? That might be a mistranslation.

He’s a nut alright. He claims that Sammy worship the devil.

Sammy worship me, not the devil. Everyone knows that.

Remind me to call myself spammer next time I look in the mirror.

Okay, fair point.

I don’t think Sega is worth saving anymore.
Almost all great studios produce games that are only average and the management is as spaced out as ever.

i second that. most of the great “developer legends” (and sadly enough, they think of themselvs as such) had their titles in the age of arcade gaming.
hardly any of them has a vision that goes beyond 10 hours worth of gameplay. if sega, especially the management, doesn’t do something really quick, SEGA will be one of the first companies to collaps in the comming fall of the gaming industry.

Coming fall of the games industry?

What gives you that impression?

Everyone knows gaming now is as popular as ever.

and music is as popular as ever, and movies are as popular as ever.

yet companies merge and merge to save themselves.

if industries become to large and self centered (its called “Wasserkopf” in German) they tend to break down after a certain while, it’s a natural phenomenon, and it happened to the game industry twice already.

As long as Sonic Team stay together, I couldn’t give a damn about the others.


Sonic Team is one of the main problems!!!