The Chronicles of Riddick


This is the best game I’ve played this year.
Graphics and sound are out of this world. Brilliant voice acting and script. And those graphics are mind blowing, awesome lighting/shadow effects, and brilliant textures and character models. It looks better than Doom III. By far the best looking fps for far on a console. Love the little touches like the guards foot shaking after being shot dead

Combat system is sheer class. This is hand down the best game based on a film since golden eye.

The atmosphere in this games 2nd to none. Think Metal Gear Solid meets Half-Life. Many games boast of being an interactive movie, but this is exactly what this game this is.

This is 1 of the best game I’ve ever played. StarBreeze Studio rule. X-Box is on fire at the mo.

Yeah I’ve heard it’s not even comparable witht he quality of the movie.As a matter of fact I hear that’s the very reason it’s good : it is based on the movie.

I wanted to check a demo since it’s agehnst my policy to buy games based on movies…

…but if it really is good as I’ve heard…