The best of Sega Games :)

I’m sure there’ve been many threads like this here, but I haven’t seen them… thought it would be nice to reminisce about the best (and maybe the worst :slight_smile: games to appear on Sega platforms. My highlights, in whatever order I think of them:

Sonic 1 & 2 on the MS - totally different games to the Megadrive versions. Obviously more limited, but still good.

Spellcaster - great MS platform/RPG which I could never find to buy, but used to rent every weekend for the best part of a year - somehow I’d lose my password virtually every time and not find starting yet again from scratch.

Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckles on the MD (didn’t care for the original too much, but I loved these).

Magic Carpet, Saturn - I’m a die-hard Molyneux addict, and this is one of his best. Some really brutal bugs, but still one of the most enduring games I’ve ever played.

Virtua Fighter 2, Saturn - I’ve barely touched the sequels (not by choice - haven’t had the opportunity), but I still rank this as one of the top fighting games I’ve ever played. I had DC Soul Calibur and it paled by comparison.

Dune II, MD - Still the best version :wink:

Megalomania, MD - another ‘the first RTS’ (probably not, but a great one anyway - and a fantastic intro theme)

Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap, MS - nice blend of RPG and platform… pretty dated, but great in its time and still fun to play.

NBA Jam, MD - never played the sequels but judging by the reviews this was one of the best versions

Jungle Strike, MD - Desert Strike aged much less well (and I never played Urban)

Flashback, MD - one of my all time top games, great story (and one of the only games I’ve ever played with an ending that wasn’t a total letdown)

Virtual On, Saturn - nice if only for the fact that it was a coherent, fun and totally unique kind of game.

Panzer Dragoon Saga, Saturn - surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Saturn - I’m not a big shooter fan, but this is a good’n

Guardian Heroes, Saturn - To this day I still alternate seemingly at random between disappointment and elation when I play this, but it still keeps me coming back. And being able to pit a God against ‘village boy’ will never lose it’s appeal >:)

Streets of Rage 3, MD - got criticised a bit for not adding much to 2, but in retrospect I found it a much less repetitive, more imaginative game. Though I prefer Max to Zan…

Battle Master, MD - someone randomly gave this (RPG epic) to me, or I never would’ve played it. Really large for its day, and I don’t know why I love it, but I do.

Cyborg Justice, MD - panned by critics, but I loved sawing opponents limbs off (cue many 'e’s 'armless jokes :slight_smile:

Star Control, MD - nowhere near as good as the sequel for single player, but the metamap added a bit to multiplayer which was gone for UQM.

Story of Thor (aka Beyond Oasis), MD - I loved this game to bits… it’s dated a bit, but it’s way better than the Saturn follow-up (a prequel, technically) - even if it only takes 5 hours to complete the 1st run-through :stuck_out_tongue: Really cleverly done, the way you could summon elementals from virtually any source (ie. Efreet the fire spirit from a dragon’s breath)

Road Rash I-III, MD - I didn’t play RRIII much, but it seemed great. Despite their similarity I found I could play one version to death, move on to the next and somehow still enjoy it. When I got a bunch of MD ROMs a while back, RRII was the one I came back to by far the most.

Streetfighter II: SCE, MD - I got so good at this :slight_smile:

Powerstone II, DC - With 3 or more players, this was great. And Capcom pulled off the incredible trick of not making the secret weapons too unbalanced. Even after I unlocked everything I kept coming back (imo far too many games rely on cheap rewards to sustain interest).

San Francisco Rush 2049, DC - Exactly the same comments as Powerstone II apply, basically. Actually, I never finished unlocking everything, but I kept playing for the fun of it and occasionally going on coin collecting drives…

Skies of Arcadia, DC - I hate this kind of game normally. But this had a really nice fusion of different types of battle, spectacular views, a vaguely coherent world and great music.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica, DC - Best RE game I’ve played by a long way. More creepy, marginally less cheesy.

Eternal Champions, MD - not as intricate as SF, but some great imagination behind the characters and techniques.

That’s all I can think of right now

NOT in order of preference (and, of course, without repeats of the above):

Erm…Shenmue series? :anjou_sigh: (DC)

Nights Into Dreams (SS)

Last Bronx (SS)

Capcom and SNK fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom and Garou (SS/DC)

Dragon Force (SS)

Gun Griffon series (SS)

Vectorman (MD)

Phantasy Star series (MD)

Shining Force series (MD/SS)

Radiant Silvergun (SS)

Silhouette Mirage (SS)

Sega Rally (SS)

Wipeout 2097 (SS)

There are a lot more for sure… :anjou_love:

I found your 1st three really overrated.

Shenmue was a huge disappointment - I spent the whole game waiting for the plot to develop beyond ‘Lan Di was last seen here…’, and was disgusted by the cliffhanger ending.

I had Shining Force and played Sega Rally and they were good, but nothing spectacular. I always preferred Daytona USA anyway (didn’t bother getting any of the Saturn versions, though).

Am I the only person on this Earth that thinks VF2 was an unbalanced, uncontrollable pile o’ crap?

Given the small amount of VF fans outside of Japan, I’d say you’re not alone. XD Personally VF2 still is my fave 3D unarmed fighter. =D

And I dunno about calling them “overrated”, he likes them alot, you didn’t. Opinions differ. =D

And I agree with most of the named games, but I’d like to add Burning Rangers, I just love the fact that no two times you play exactly the same level. =D Keeps you on your toes. Not to mention that putting out fire is just fun. XD

Aside the Panzer Dragoon series and not in any particular order :

THE pack MS : Golden Axe + Streets of Rage + Shinobi : I can’t really tell how many hours I spent playing these games on my cousins’ house 50 kms from the city I live.Every time I enter their room it feels like a magical place.Christmas Eves were the peak of the madness.The nicknames for the bosses we came up with and the fact we listened to the craziest soundtracks via stereo while playing the game contributed for some well spent afternoons/nights…

NIGHTS - I still plan on buying this game someday.I never owned it but the month and a half I had it in my possesion was “dreamy”.I had played it’s demo non-stop in Sega Flash 2 (which also introduced me games like Exhumed and PDZwei).

Sonic 3 (MD)

Burning Rangers (SS) - Played it non-stop.Distinctive flavour.How can someone not like this?

Fighters Megamix (SS) - The graphics were a lor worse than the great VF2 but this one had other characters I dind’t knew before and well…I pretty much mastered it.I also jammed my trusty original Sega Saturn controller while playing it…I should have known!I wa splaying with Sandman!

Shenmue 2 (XB) - I had never played a Shenmue game before and altho I felt the controls were something that could be much more fluid (I mean Ryu looks almost mechanical while running) this game was a worthy experience.The fact that it took place in 80’s Honk Kong helped to make it special too…

Exhumed (SS) - Talk with me about FPS’s.I’ll say : 007 who?Duke Nukem what?Why HL?This is probably my favourite FPS of all time (*ok ,ok preconcepts aside * along with the Halos;granted I only played two hand full of FPS’s in my life).This game had me scared a bit too believe it or not … :>

Virtua Fighter 2 (SS) - Best 3d beat em up of all time.(I haven’t played VF4 tho…)

Virtua Fighter 1 SS - The first videogame I ever owned.I cans till remember the music in the credits…

Shining Force 2 (MD) - My very first RPG experience.I played it for about one hour in my cousins’ house a loooong time ago.In 2002 I decided to replay it.The best 2d RPG I know for sure.I didn’t finish it completely tho…I think I was in the very last battle…I’ll play it agehn someday.

Virtua Striker 3 (Arcade) - One of my most played arcade games of all time.It wasn’t a gameplay marvel but I like it a lot.

Sega Rally - The only racing game I enjoyed playing.

There are other games…

the most sega-ish game for me is daytona usa and the best sega game and also the best game of all time is shenmue (especially shenmue 2)

Noteworthy Sega games in my collection…

Panzer Dragoon Saga
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Shining Force IIIa
Sonic 3D
Burning Rangers
Sonic R
Sega Rally 1 and 2
Worldwide Soccer 98
Daytona USA
Sonics 1 to 3 and Knuckles
Shenmue 1 and 2
Virtua Cop 1 and 2
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Virtua Tennis


My favourite Sega games include:

Shining Force 2 (this game is easily one of the best RPGs to grace a 16 bit console).

Panzer Dragoon Saga (I can’t even begin to imagine why the Japanese gaming public overlooked this incredible RPG experience).

The Shining Force III trilogy (people should be very wary not to mention this game in my presence, as it may incite me to riot :anjou_sad: )

Skies of Arcadia (the ship-to-ship battles alone make this game worth the price of admission).

Daytona 2001 (a better than arcade perfect conversion of one of my favourite arcade racing games which arrived 5 years too late, but better late than never).

Lots of games but I like this one especially… “Alisia Dragoon” For the Mega Drive/Genesis

This is a site dedicated to Game Arts’s Alisia Dragoon: … stages.htm

Endings for games:

Riding Dragons… Morph Forms… Power/Ups Upgrades… Shot Down Ratios…

An inspiration to Panzer Dragoon?

I’d like to hear some more obscure titles (and more about them)… has anyone else here played Spellcaster? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]
And I dunno about calling them “overrated”, he likes them alot, you didn’t. Opinions differ. =D[/quote]

I meant by the games press in general. I’m not suggesting he’s wrong about liking them :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well then… my bad. XD

Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining Force IIIa
Shining the Holy Ark
NIGHTS into Dreams
Sonic Jam (Sonic 3 and Knuckles basically)
Sonic R
Panzer Dragoon zwei
Sonic Adventure (purely because it was my first proper DC game and I loveeee the music…thank you Crush 40 :anjou_happy: )
Toy Commander
Virtual On
Guardian Heroes

For me I would have to say

Shining Force 3

Panzer Dragoon series

Last Bronx

Virtua Cop

those were the best of the best in my eyes