The Azel novel - who has a copy?

A recent PM conversation got me wondering, who here - if anyone - has a copy of the Azel novel?


Yes I have it- it is pretty useless to me as I don’t read Japanese and it just sits in a dark box in my basement.

What is the best way of giving it to the community- Solo should I just send it to you?

Don’t get your hopes up too much on getting an new ‘official info’-most guides and novelizations (at least for western games) are written with only minor input and oversight by the dev team- usually the point of contact is a licensing person here, although maybe japan / or panzer is a different case.

Shadow has all of my Panzer books at the moment, so it would be best to send it to him. We haven’t had much luck finding a translator for any of the guidebook texts, but I won’t say no to putting your copy of the Azel novel together with my books.

Yeah, I think especially with the novels, it’s unlikely that they follow the game’s canon very closely. For example, Taor’s translations of the PDO novel, show many differences between the game and the novel. The guidebooks make me wonder though, since they include a number of maps which match up well with the places in (and mentioned in) the games.

Sorry. >.< I’ll try to get on that soon.

No rush. I think most of us here would be happy just to have something else translated (well I would, anyway…).

I?m specially interested on the ruins of episode 4 from Zwei and on its monster.