The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

I just played through this short adventure, a standalone story that acts as a prelude to Life is Strange 2.

It’s a good jumping off point if you’re interested in getting into the Life is Strange series for a couple of reasons. First, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a completely free download, so there’s very little commitment besides your time and bandwidth. Second, it’s a brand new story which does not require any existing knowledge of Life is Strange or Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

I was impressed by the writing and the subject matter, which felt fresh for a video game. Even though there’s not a lot of material, it sets the stage well for what I suspect will be a great successor to the original Life is Strange.

I’ve yet to play the it, but talking about Life is Strange successors: the original game will actually receive a direct follow-up in the form of a new comic. Spoiler warning: this is the original tweet showing the cover art. I wasn’t expecting that.

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