The Art of Panzer Dragoon

First of all , Hi there ! =)
Yep , been ages since i’ve been on here…

I have a question about the Lagi - The Art of Panzer Dragoon Site.
I wanted to browse for some concept art again there , but the site seems to be down , with only the title left…
Does anyone know what happened to it?
Did the webmaster have to take it down due to legal issues or anything in that direction?
Or am I just too dumb to find the entrance ?

First of all, welcome back. :anjou_happy:

Following on from that, I don’t seem to have any problems with the website - works perfectly fine for me. Perhaps it was just a temporary problem with the server.

Kheel you’re a merc! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see you back here, Kheel!

I think Lagi’s site used to have a different url (quite a while ago), so that could have been the one that you were trying to access.

Ahaha , there it is !

I was indeed using the old url.
thx a lot guys =)

Kheel, you sexy beast.