The Ancients/The World/The Towers

Craymen : *This world was constructed by the ancient ones as a delicate balance. The Tower, the monsters, everything is interwoven… Long ago there was dissension among the ancient ones. After centuries of fighting, …the warring factions built this. *

These lines intrigue me.

Was the world really made by the Ancients in any sense?The warring faction built the Towers???

Why were the factions fighting?In the end they reached an agreement?

In my opinion - the warring factions realized there was a common threat.
That’s the #1 thing that unites human factions that dislike each other.

According to Craymen the planet was dead, so I imagine the ancient ones did everything in their power to remedy the problem. Of course, there was no hope of restoring the world with humans running amok…

Look at the Fallen Ground; if the ancients could wreak that kind of destruction on a single area imagine how the ancients’ weapons could affect the rest of the world.

The planet was dead according to Craymen?When exactly was it suposed to be dead?

I agree 100% with you there :slight_smile:

Craymen said the Towers were meant to render a dead planet fit for habitation. Why would the ancient ones build the Towers after centuries of fighting if they didn’t intend to save a dying world?

In my version of the story it was the Ancients who ran Amock - they fought each other over nothing and destroyed the paradise they built with their technology.
Then, one day, they realized what the source of their constant conflicts was and tried to save what was left of the world.

Ah yes.Sorry.

The ancients build the Towers after exausting the planets resources.(the war the factions battled).

So they unleashed the bio-weapons manufactured by the Towers upon themselves, eh? I think that’s possible.

The thing is the supsoed battle was before the Towers’ creation…

I meant if the ancients were humans who built the Towers, then they unleased bio-monsters on themselves to prevent humanity from ravaging the world as the Towers repaired it. Nice theory, eh?

It has some truth in it according to my view of things.

~The monsters were created to protect the Towers and their purpose.

“Caretakers of the ecosystem” is a nonlinear expression…

Maybe I’m thinking of too many SF classics - but the only threat for a virtually all-powerful species is the species itself (or some cosmic event - but that would be much too corny).

Combine movies like “Forbidden Planet” with animes like “Serial Experiments Lain” - the Ancients accidentially created or intentionally developed some kind of common sub-consciousness. The instincts that lie buried in every human mind add up and induce mistrust in every being that is connected to it - the first conflicts only fuels it, it gains more and more power over centuries of battle. One day, they realize that they brought their species and their world on the brink of destruction - they decide to put both in state of hibernation. They store away their bodies in underground caves, store their memories in the memory cells and intend to cleanse the world with the Towers.

Of course this theory still needs some cleaning up - it’s only a few hours old.
But it would give perfect sense to the lines Craymen articulated.

Yes that is what I think too.But the question is what exactly can we consider cleansing??

How are there humans in the world of PD?Did the cleansing level everything?

Just for good measure, here’s my current best guess at what happened in the past:

  1. The peoples of the world waged immense wars against one another with their advanced technologies, devastating the planet and its environment.

  2. The group who rose to power in the barely-surviving world decided to build the Towers, which would do two things: A) rejuvenate the ravaged environment, and B) regulate all life on the planet to keep it in line, to stop it from ultimately threatening either itself or the world. (They presumably saw value in the human race as a whole, just not in any individual lives.)

  3. The Towers’ creators decided to go into hibernation until the Towers’ phase A) was completed. Why live in a ravaged world when you can wake up in paradise? They created Sestren to control the Tower programme in their absence, though.

  4. Some people thought that the Towers’ purpose was too extreme and they rebelled accordingly, trying to shut down the Towers.

  5. Something ultimately happened which stopped the Towers from functioning properly. We’re told that either A) the Towers were forcibly deactivated at the end of the Ancient Age, or alternatively that B) the Towers wore down before their rejuvenation programme was even completed.

  6. After a fair few millennia, the events of the games take place.

I always believed the deactivation of the Towers was part of the Ancients’ plan: deactivate the Tower network to collapse the ecosystem and wipe out the opposition, and then restart it. However, something went wrong when the Towers were supposed to be reactivated.

Maybe not everyone aggreed with the cleansing or there was a non-ancient human group on the continent that the Ancients did not deem important enough to save.

In my mind the Towers literally wiped everything (not by not sustaining it but by using laser-like powers of some sort) from the planet and then “reborned” it.