The Ancients are real and they're watching us from Mars!

First of all this is what was really found on Mars: an ancient civilization destroyed and in ruin. Watch all 7 parts and tell me what you all think. It’s real life Panzer Dragoon and your not supposed to know!! :anjou_wow:


Vivid imagination, that’s for sure.

I guess we’ll find out in 2012. I get a strong feeling this is real…

As has been shown and explained regarding the “face” on Mars, you cannot judge a formation based on a bird’s eye view. The shadowing can make formations look like something they aren’t. And besides, there are plenty of examples of rock formations here on Earth that look artificial, but are actually natural. Here’s a famous example: … 0501_b.jpg

Who cares about the face.

Look at all of the other intriguing evidence in the videos. There is just too much detail there for some of those structures to not be man-made/alien-made.

And there is plenty of “intriguing evidence” that say we never landed on the moon. Or that the WTC towers were taken down by explosives and not airplanes. Or that Obama is not an American citizen. Or that Jesus Christ likes to appear on toast with amazing regularity.

I only watched a couple minutes of the videos, but it’s just speculation on top of speculation.

Well, make of it what you will. I find it very interesting. Either these guys are complete lunatics or they posses knowledge of extraterrestrials beyond our imaginations.

^Those two options don’t sound mutually exclusive to me…

I think Team Andromeda were exchanging information with Nasa, thus learning about all the ancient ruins and towers on Mars and decided to make a game about it.

Sadly, after Saga the guys in black coats told them they had to dis-ban or face the consequences… :anjou_happy: