Thanks Facebook fans

I just want to say thanks to everyone who became a fan of The Will of the Ancients on Facebook. We’ve now reached 25 fans, so I have been able to set a friendly URL for the page:

I must be out of the loop, since I was unaware.

(I’m now a fan.)

Thanks. It’s hidden away in the Links section of this site, and I only explicitly asked people I communicate with on IM/Facebook already. So it’s no wonder you were unaware.

The reason I haven’t advertised it significantly is that there isn’t a lot on the page right now. I aim to change that in the future.

Weird… why am I still showing up at Sega in the members list? :frowning:

I think that’s because you’ve got SEGA as a “network” in your profile. It probably just picks the first network in your list. You can edit your networks on this page.

Ah, thanks.

And with that, my identity and current allegiance is completely revealed haha

Goooood. Your journey towards the dark side is complete.

This mf’ing battlestation is fully operational, son. Represent.

Add another fan because I just joined too!